early ECW

I pretty much never watched ECW during their existence so I finally started watching them on the network, mainly the supershows for now.  Just finished up 1994 and I have one question.

I don't know if this changes later but it seems like there are no clearly defined faces and heels with a few exceptions.  Everyone comes across as a tweener.  And here I thought that Vince invented the whole “shades of grey” thing 3 years later.  All snark aside was this by design so Heyman could mix and match whoever he wanted to?  I assume he didn't have the roster size to keep separate face and heel sides and still keep fresh matchups.

On a side note the impromptu Benoit/Scorpio brawl at the end of November to Remember was fucking awesome and I am really looking forward to 1995.  Yes the production isn't great but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.

Yeah, guys like Mikey and Dreamer were clearly babyfaces but everyone else was clearly in a fluid state based on what they needed that week.  Especially Public Enemy and Sandman.