WWF Dortmund, Germany – April 17th, 1995

April 17, 1995

From Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany. This drew a sellout of 13,000 fans.

This is fan-cam show thus no commentary. And, the main event of Diesel & Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett & Psycho Sid was not included. Sid & Jarrett lost that match via countout per

Kwang vs. Adam Bomb

Kwang getting booed out of the building here and lots of cheers for Bomb so the crowd is hot to start things off. Kwang attacks before the bell and hammers away as the crowd is pissed. He then whips Bomb into the corner and taunts the crowd but Bomb knocks him down after an Irish whip sequence. Bomb clotheslines Kwang over the top rope then heads out and rams Kwang’s head off of the steps. Bomb slingshots in with a clothesline as the crowd is jacked for the guy. Kwang uppercuts Bomb then drops him with a thrust kick as the crowd boos. Kwang lands a hook kick before spitting his mist into the air. Bomb ducks a clothesline and uses a crossbody for a two count but after that runs into a throat thrust. Kwang taunts the crowd and goes back on offense. The crowd chants for Bomb as he is now in a chin lock. Bomb powers out but runs into a knee smash. Kwang goes back to the chin lock then yanks Bomb to the mat. Kwang chokes Bomb out in the corner until the ref intervenes then Bomb finally starts fighting back. Bomb runs wild as the fans cheer and he ducks a spin kick and catches Kwang with a powerslam for the win (8:13) *1/2. After the match, Bomb celebrates and tosses his “grenades” out into the crowd.

Thoughts: The work was not particularly good here but man was the crowd molten hot for the start of the show. Bomb getting the win makes sense as even though he was not pushed on TV his opponent has been firmly labeled as a lower card worker and soon enough the gimmick would be gone from the company.


Henry Godwinn vs. Aldo Montoya

The crowd is still jacked. Godwinn overpowers Montoya to start. Montoya floats over on a slam attempt then hits a crossbody for a two count. He sends Godwinn outside then flies out with a pescado and heads back inside to trip up Godwinn. Montoya works an armbar on the mat. Montoya tries a monkey flip but Godwinn stops short and turns it into a wheelbarrow slam. Godwinn hits a gutbuster before choking out Montoya with his boot. Godwinn gets a two count then applies a chin lock on the mat. Montoya bangs his foot on the mat to rally the fans and escapes then flips over Godwinn after a failed backslide and uses a facebuster. Godwinn comes back with a clothesline then drops a double axe handle for two. Godwinn rams Montoya in the corner and puts him in the tree-of-woe as Montoya falls down. Montoya avoids a charge in the corner then the two slug it out. Montoya drops Godwinn with a double chop then a flying clothesline before heading up top where he whiffs on a flying body press then Godiwnn hits the Slop Drop for the win (6:19) **1/4. After the match, Godwinn tries an attack but Montoya fights back as Godwinn bails. The crowd then gives Montoya a standing ovation.

Thoughts: I liked this as a power vs. speed match with two underappreciated talents of this time. Faster paced than most house show matches at least. And even with the fact Montoya is getting an Intercontinental Title shot against Jeff Jarrett on TV this weekend it will be as an underdog. Godwinn is also a directionless character on TV but that will be changing soon enough.


We now see ring crew tightening the ropes before the introduction of the next match.


Tatanka & Kama vs. Allied Powers

The crowd starts up a “USA” chant as they apparently love Luger so much they in turn love America, where everyone in this match except Bulldog is from. The crowd is also jacked for this as we start off with the teams soaking in the crowd reaction. Luger and Kama start things off. Kama takes Luger down with a fireman’s carry then rakes the eyes. Luger avoids an elbow drop and comes back with a pair of arm drags before tagging out. Crowd pops for Bulldog as he works the arm of Kama. Tatanka is now in and he is loudly booed. Bulldog works him over then tags out as Luger sneaks behind Tatanka then flexes to scare him. Tatanka flees into the corner and cheap shots Luger to take control. Tatanka uses chops but then Luger pumps up and eventually punches away in the corner as the crowd counts along. Luger no-sells an inverted atomic drop and clotheslines Tatanka then eggs him on to get up. Tatanka grabs Luger by the tights and rams him into the corner and tags out but Luger takes down both men with a double clothesline. Kama & Tatanka are able to trap Luger in the corner and beat him down as the crowd still chant “USA” for Luger. Tatanka catches Luger with a chop for a two count then snarls at the crowd after a scoop slam. Tatanka uses three straight elbow drops for a two count then cheap shots Bulldog to distract the ref as Luger gets double-teamed in the corner. Kama is now the legal man as he kicks and stomps Luger before choking him out on the mat. Kama uses a front facelock as the crowd is still firmly behind Luger. Tatanka distracts the ref so he misses the tag then Luger is double-teamed again as Bulldog was being ordered back to the apron. Kama chokes out Luger from the floor then taunts the crowd and after that Tatanka covers for two. Luger school boys Tatanka for two but gets attacked immediately afterwards. Luger comes back with a sunset flip for two but Tatanka clotheslines him back down to the mat. Tatanka now whips Luger into the corner a few times before tagging out. Kama hits a backbreaker then taunts the crowd before trying a Vader Bomb but Luger got his knees up. Both men are down and tag out as Bulldog runs wild. Bulldog hits Tatanka with a delayed vertical suplex that Kama breaks up but Luger clotheslines Kama over the top rope and they brawl on the outside. Tatanka punches Bulldog in the corner but Bulldog catches a floatover attempt and hits a running powerslam for the win (16:01) **. The Powers celebrate after the match as the fans cheer.

Thoughts: A basic tag match that dragged at points but easily the best match involving Tatanka and Luger, which speaks volumes of their series. The Allied Powers are the new team being set up as future challengers and them winning makes sense.


Owen Hart vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

The crowd absolutely jacked for Bret here. He chases Owen outside of the ring and ends up beating him down. They take the action into the ring where Bret maintains control. Bret stomps away in the corner then uses an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Bret tries a backbreaker but Owen yanks Bret’s hair then rakes his face to take control of the match. Owen roughs Bret up and runs his across of the top rope before stomping away. Owen now applies a reverse chin lock. Bret escapes but Owen sends him down and uses a jackknife cover for two before re-applying the chin lock. Bret escapes again and puts Owen in a crucifix for a two count but gets dropped with an enziguiri. Owen taunts the crowd after hitting a reverse neckbreaker then hits a spinning heel kick. Bret floats over on a slam attempt but Owen runs him through the ropes and heads out to ram Bret against the post. Owen taunts the crowd again but this time Bret sneaks up and puts on a sleeper. Owen makes the ropes and kicks Bret low out of the official’s view. Owen whips Bret into the corner but Bret floats over and hits a back suplex as both men are down. Bret beats on Owen in the corner until he is whipped into the turnbuckles. Owen now turns Bret over for the Sharpshooter and raises his hand as if he will win the match but Bret reverses until Hakushi runs out and attacks Bret for the DQ (8:58) **1/2. Hakushi continues his attack as Shinja looks on until several officials break things up. The crowd loudly cheers as Bret is announce the winner as Bret is helped up the aisle. Owen then grabs the mic and yells at Bret for being a chicken and does the chicken arm flap around the ring until Bret returns and the match restarts. Bret beats on Owen and takes him down with a leg sweep. We then have a jump cut of Bret beating on Owen in the aisle before rolling him back into the ring where he uses the figure four and gets the win in the second match and I only saw fifty seconds of this. Bret needs to be forced off of Owen then he celebrates before slapping hands with the fans at ringside.

Thoughts: Certainly not the best match these two have had, probably the weakest I have recapped at this point, but this crowd adored Bret so him coming back to score a win instead of a DQ was a nice way to make the fans happy. Hakushi running in for the attack adds heat for their feud and matches they would have when the WWF returned to Germany in June.  And Owen losing doesn’t harm him much as he is a Tag Team Champion and can afford a loss to someone the level of starpower as his brother.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Undertaker is quite over here as you would expect. The crowd chants “LT” to mock Bigelow. Undertaker heads over towards Bigelow after the bell but Bigelow bails and paces outside of the ring. Bigelow then heads up the aisle and the ref counts so he just beats the ten count back into the ring. Bigelow then bounces off of Undertaker a few times and takes these exaggerated bumps off of the ropes as Undertaker uses throat thrusts. Undertaker uses his rope-walk attack before using more throat thrusts. Undertaker chokes out Bigelow in the corner then clotheslines him over the top rope as Bigelow landed on his feet. Bigelow is back inside and reverses an Irish whip and catches Undertaker with a Samoan drop. Undertaker sits up but Bigelow fires away until he eats boot on a charge in the corner. Undertaker tosses Bigelow into the corner a few times until Bigelow rolls out for another breather. Bigelow heads up the aisle until Undertaker brings him back to ringside. Bigelow reverses an Irish whip and sends Undertaker into the steps. Bigelow rams Undertaker’s head off of the steps then heads back inside and gets booed. Bigelow knocks Undertaker off of the apron and taunts the crowd again. Undertaker is back inside as Bigelow chokes him out with his foot. Bigelow hammers away then uses a scoop slam for a two count. Bigelow applies a chin lock after Undertaker sat up. The crowd gets behind Undertaker as he is now up on one knee. Bigelow headbutts Undertaker and sends him down with a clothesline for a two count. Bigelow now unties the top turnbuckle and tries a turnbuckle smash but it gets blocked. Bigelow backs up and tries to cheap shot Undertaker but gets decked. Undertaker ducks his head for a back drop and Bigelow counters with a DDT as both men are down. Bigelow heads up top after some falling headbutts but misses the diving headbutt then Undertaker pops up and attacks Bigelow until a chokeslam gets the win (10:48) *1/4. The crowd cheers for Undertaker as he makes his way up the aisle.

Thoughts: Not very good but better than their match last month at Madison Square Garden. Bigelow’s overexagerrated selling was really bad at the beginning and did not fit this match at all. Bigelow’s slide after losing to LT continues as Undertaker gets a win and continues to feud with The Corporation, this time with Kama.


Hakushi w/ Shinja vs. 1-2-3 Kid

We get some pacing around the ring by Hakushi to start. Kid takes Hakushi down with a hip toss as the crowd chants his name. Shinja distracts the ref and Kid then we get a reversal sequence that ends with Hakushi hitting a throat thrust. Hakushi beats on Kid until Kid comes back with a spinning heel kick. Hakushi bails and Kid takes him out with a corkscrew pescado. Shinja distracts Kid but not long enough for Hakushi’s sneak attack to work. Kid gets tossed outside though and lands hard and Hakushi wipes him out with a pescado. Back inside, Hakushi hammers away as we get a mild chant for Bret Hart. Hakushi connects with a handspring back elbow smash then taunts the crowd. Hakushi now targets the back and ribs of Kid. We see Kid fight back until he misses a jumping attack in the corner. Hakushi uses a nerve hold as the crowd chants for Kid. Hakushi stays in control as he now attacks the arm. Knee drop gets two then Hakushi applies a chin lock. The crowd rallies behind Kid and he escapes but ends up getting caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Hakushi punches away but Kid surprises him with a rollup for two. Hakushi chops Kid down a few times as the crowd boos. Hakushi then tries a slingshot splash but misses as both men are down. They now slug it out as Kid wins that battle. Kid catches Hakushi with a sit-out powerbomb then some kicks in the corner. Spinning heel kick gets two then he heads up top with a crossbody for another two count but whiffs on a spin kick as Hakushi hits a thrust kick then a senton for the win (11:21) **3/4. The crowd cheers for Kid despite his loss.

Thoughts: I felt this was the best match on the show. Hakushi is feuding with Bret and needs a win to be perceived as a threat. Not the best two match these two have had either but good enough action for a house show.


Final Thoughts: While the WWF was a cold product in the United States, it was the exact opposite in Germany. The wrestling was not particularly good but the crowd was hot throughout the show. Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” said the reports he got was that the workrate was not good during the tour but that it didn’t matter because of how over the wrestlers were with the fans. Wade Keller also noted in the “Pro Wrestling Torch” that this show, the biggest venue on the tour, sold out six weeks in advance. So, while there were not any matches you need to seek out it is something to watch how over everyone was with this crowd. It made even the lower card guys come off like rockstars.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Friday: WWF Superstars 4/22/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/23/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 4/23/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 4/24/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 4/29/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/30/95

Tuesday: WWF Action Zone 4/30/95

Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 5/1/95

Thursday: WWF Superstars 5/6/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/7/95