Second half of 1995 ECW

Hey Scott, didn't follow ECW in 1995 yet. With Taz out for a while in the summer, Shane leaving for WWF around July or so, and Sabu leaving for WCW when Nitro started, how did ECW stomach/survive these losses? (Not to mention losing Benoit, Malenko and Eddie in one fell swoop as well)

Seemed like Heyman was hellbent on getting these 3 back (Shane and Sabu were two of his biggest stars I guess) on his show ASAP.

Why didn't Heyman try to snatch up talented underused disgruntled guys like Bigelow, Pierre or Al Snow immediately during this time? Were Heavenly Bodies, Jason Knight and Dances With Dudley the future of ECW?

He basically just pushed Sandman, Public Enemy, Raven, Cactus Jack and Mikey even harder.  That's why ECW was able to survive for so long, by making their own stars and not relying on disgruntled WWF guys.