Kamala Interview

Hello Scott,

I've been a reader of yours for over 20 years. I was there in person the day The Buzz on Professional Wrestling came out to make sure I got my copy in case they sold out. Thanks for many years of entertainment.

I ask a favor.  My co-host and I recently started a pro wrestling variety show podcast with a strong focus on classic wrestling called Two Rows From Ringside. We recently had James Harris aka Kamala on our show and he discussed his life struggles as a double amputee, his favorite moments in the business, his music, and his surprising revelation about the WWE Hall of Fame. We kindly ask you to share this link with your audience to help out a new show but more importantly to help out an all time legend like Kamala through advertising his merch which we plug strongly on the episode 

Thank you very much Scott. We'll keep reading and enjoying! 

Greg Sterner
Two Rows From Ringside Podcast