Dynamite – August 5, 2020

Date: August 5, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Taz, Jim Ross

It’s time for another big themed show with Super Wednesday, and in this case that means more Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho. This time around it’s in the form of a debate, with a special moderator. Other than that we have the World Title on the line as Jon Moxley defends against Darby Allin. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dark Order/Colt Cabana vs. Young Bucks/FTR/Kenny Omega/Hangman Page

They restart very fast with everyone already in the ring and Matt springboarding at Lee. 9 comes in and goes up top, only to be taken down by Nick again. FTR starts working on 9’s arm and it’s off to Omega to do the same as JR accuses Tony of staring at Anna Jay near commentary. The Kitaro Crusher hits 9 for two and Uno/Stu Grayson come in for the save and knock everyone off the apron. FTR come in for the save and it’s a triple suplex to put a lot of the Order down. We settle down to Uno kicking Omega in the face for two and it’s off to 5. Omega gets over to Harwood for the tag and 5 is beaten down in a hurry.

Wheeler comes in to nail a powerslam and it’s Harwood and Page coming in to try a triple Figure Four. That’s broken up and it’s Grayson coming back in, with Omega tossing him into a German suplex from Page. The Bucks double dropkick Grayson into a snapdragon from Omega and the quadruple teaming continues with a series of strikes to the chest into a wheelbarrow faceplant/cutter combination from the Bucks. The Demolition Decapitator hits 5 but Harwood comes up favoring his knee, which already has a big brace on it.

With everyone else checking on Harwood, Omega gets caught in the ring for the group beatdown until he hurricanranas his way out and brings in Matt. Lee’s big boot gets two as Harwood is taken out. Grayson tosses Matt to Uno for a sitout powerbomb as Page and Wheeler have left with Harwood. Cabana adds a splash for two and it’s already back to Uno, as Cabana doesn’t seem thrilled with working with the Dark Order. Omega gets knocked off the apron and it’s Matt getting beaten up in the corner even more.

Grayson misses a charge into the post and 5 charges into a boot in the corner. Matt is back up with a top rope flipping cutter but Uno pulls Nick off the apron and suplexes him on the floor. Since it’s Matt Jackson, he pops up and flip dives onto the ramp, then off the ramp onto two more masked guys, then hits a double clothesline on the other side of the ring. Page comes back out and gets the hot tag to start cleaning house all over the place. The Buckshot Lariat is broken up so Page drops 5 onto the apron.

A big moonsault takes out everyone but Lee, who stares down at Page instead. Back in and the slugout is on until Page gets low bridged to the floor. Lee hits his own big dive and the Order starts the fast tagging, setting up the Chicago Skyline from Cabana with Omega making the save. Omega gets taken down and Grayson hits a 450 on Page as Uno’s Cannonball hits Omega in the corner. The Bucks come back in for the series of superkicks and a double superkick into the snapdragon looks to set up the Buckshot lariat but the Order makes the save. Lee’s discus lariat finishes Page at 17:30.

Rating: B-. That was rather long and they packed in a lot, but they had a lot of the near falls that are required of every AEW match. There were a few times where a big move was hit and there was no reason to buy into it the cover because it wasn’t going to happen. The action was good though and Lee gets a win, which was rather needed after how far he has fallen in just a few months.

Earlier today, the Best Friends arrived in mom’s van.

Jon Moxley talks about dealing with a lot of things when he was younger. In the early part of his career, a lot of people told him not to do some things, like don’t fight that guy or don’t have that death match. In some cases that was good advice, but he did it anyway. He understands why Darby Allin challenged him for the title. The last time they wrestled, Moxley nearly broke his neck and he doesn’t want it on his resume that he ended Allin’s career. But when Allin signed that contract, he became like everyone else and he has to do what he has to do. So when it’s time to stay down, just stay down.

Santana/Ortiz vs. Best Friends

Chuck and Santana start things off and exchange some grapples until Chuck slips out of a hiptoss. Ortiz comes in and gets taken into the corner for the tag to Trent. A northern lights suplex gives Trent one and it’s already back to Chuck, who is knocked down before Trent even gets through the ropes. Chuck fights back in a hurry though and sends both of them to the floor, meaning it’s the Big Hug as we take a break.

Back with Trent in trouble and being sent outside for a ram into the apron. Chuck is sent over the barricade and Trent is whipped into another barricade to make it even worse. Trent is sent inside and his back is so banged up that he can barely stand. A double suplex gives Ortiz two but Trent slips out of another one and brings in Chuck to clean house.

The Samoan driver gets two on Santana and the Falcon Arrow gets the same on Ortiz. Trent comes back in and superplexes Ortiz but Santana pulls Chuck down and sends him into the barricade again. A rolling cutter plants Trent and a sitout powerbomb into a knee to the face gets two. The Street Sweeper is broken up but Chuck makes the save and Trent grabs a rollup to pin Ortiz at 13:39.

Rating: C+. I had to look at the ending a second time as Ortiz kicked out a split second after the three went down. The tag division continues to trade wins and while the matches can be entertaining, a lot of the teams don’t seem to be getting very far. Santana and Ortiz continue to be a heck of a team and as long as it’s more Trent than Chuck, the Best Friends are a lot easier to watch.

We go to MJF campaign headquarters where posters and buttons are being made. MJF, who skips over to a desk, freaks out over a poster not being level, even though a worker named Lee does not seem interested. Right now MJF is up in the polls over Jon Moxley by 100% to -88% because we deserve better. He already has the World Title match for All Out and he’s fine with facing Allin or Moxley. This is the best thing going in wrestling right now by a long shot.

Here’s Matt Hardy for a chat. He talks about coming to AEW and having all of his personas, but now the fans want to see him be himself. Matt wants to help people around here, like Private Party, but he also wanted to help Sammy Guevara. That didn’t work for him though as Sammy didn’t want his help, so Matt is ready to fight. Cue Sammy and the brawl is on, with Sammy being thrown into the chairs. Matt grabs a table but Sammy throws a chair at his head and sends him into the post (with a ding). Sammy puts the bloody Hardy on the table and hits a dive to drive him through it. Matt is covered in blood.

Santana and Ortiz bust up the van, which has a camera inside. They throw in some spray paint of Trent’s mom’s name and cross it out to complete a good destruction.

Dark Order vs. Matt Cardona/Cody

Arn Anderson is here with Cody and Matt. Cody hits a very delayed vertical suplex on Silver to start and it’s off to Cardona for a running forearm. Silver kicks him in the face though and hands it off to Reynolds, who is taken down with a neckbreaker for two. It’s back to Cody, who is dropped down onto the apron to put him in trouble for a change. The Order unloads on him in the corner and some shots to the ribs keep Cody in more trouble.

We take a break and come back with Cody still in trouble as Silver puts on a waistlock to stay on the ribs. Cody gets up and snaps off the powerslam, allowing the hot tag to Matt. Everything breaks down and Matt gets kneed in the face, setting up a forearm into a German suplex into a jackknife rollup for two more. Cody comes back in and suplexes Silver out to the floor for a big crash. Back in and the Rough Ryder finishes Reynolds at 12:10.

Rating: C+. This was a match that existed and Cardona didn’t exactly look like anything more than he usually did in WWE. Beating the Dark Order doesn’t mean that much, but at least they got Cody and Cardona in there. I’m not sure if they are heading for a match against each other, but how interesting would that be in the first place?

Post match Cody goes to leave but runs into Scorpio Sky, who wants a TNT Title shot. Works for me.

Best Friends aren’t happy with what happened and say to leave Trent’s mom out of this. If they wanted a rematch all they had to do was ask, so they’ll gladly beat up Santana and Ortiz again. Then they will apologize to Trent’s mom, over speakerphone.

It’s time for the Jericho vs. Cassidy debate, with Eric Bischoff as the surprise moderator. Cassidy rolls into the ring and Jake Hager brings out the orange juiced jacket. There will be five questions and we’ll start with why they hate each other. Jericho yells about Cassidy not dressing up so Cassidy pulls out a clip on tie (ok that was funny). No one respects Cassidy and he plays pocket pool on a regular basis. Cassidy’s response: no comment.

Next question: who is the bigger star? Jericho: “Easy E, with all due respect, don’t be an idiot. I’m Chris Jericho!” Jericho lists off his resume and says the only accolade Cassidy has won is being the biggest slacker in high school. If Jericho went to the same high school, he would take Cassidy’s lunch money and steal his girlfriend. Jericho is in a $10,000 suit and looking like a million bucks while Cassidy is in an old jacket that smells like salami and batteries.

Cassidy still doesn’t talk so we move on to the third question: thoughts on rising global sea levels? Jericho says keep going but Cassidy gives a long, detailed explanation of how international cities and coastal cities are in danger if we do not reverse course immediately. Jericho’s stunned look is hilarious and we move on to question #4: why is Orange Cassidy so popular?

Jericho calls him a pimple on the wrestling business and next week he is being popped. After next week, Jericho is going to get his $7000 and send Cassidy back to being Jim the Jamba Juice boy at the mall, where Jericho is going to order a blueberry juice with pumpkin seeds and not leave Cassidy a tip. Final question: why does the rematch mean so much to both of them. Jericho starts but Cassidy tells him to shut up.

It was smart to try and embarrass Cassidy because he doesn’t care. He cares about next week though because it’s the biggest match of his life. It’s the biggest match of Jericho’s life too because he’s Chris Jericho man. He’s done all those things that people can Google later, but what if Jericho loses to the guy who puts his hands in his pockets. Cassidy wants him to look into the eyes of the man who is going to embarrass him and the man who is going to beat him. Cassidy: “That’s my answer.”

Bischoff names Cassidy the winner over the global warning answer. Jericho: “Bischoff, I haven’t liked you for twenty two years!” Bischoff: “It’s been twenty four and I know exactly how you feel.” Jericho sicks Hager on Cassidy and the beatdown is on. Hager puts Cassidy’s hands in his pockets and throws him into the Judas Effect.

Now THIS was better as Cassidy has been setting things up and now they paid it off in a big way. They made me want to see the match a lot more than I did coming in so well done on doing what they set up for so long. I had a very good time with this and Jericho’s face after the global warming question was great. Cassidy’s promo was very good too as it made perfect sense and was well delivered. Nice job all around.

Britt Baker picks Big Swole’s opponent for the night.

Reba vs. Big Swole

Reba starts fast and throws Swole down as we hear about Reba having an in-ring career but being a little rusty. Reba goes up, gets a little shaky, and comes back down to the middle rope for a missed moonsault. Dirty Dancing finishes Reba at 1:39. As it should have been.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

AEW World Title: Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin

Allin is challenging and has a Moxley cutoff mask with an eye cut out. Moxley gets in his face and gets slapped back, causing the beating to begin. Allin’s mouth is bleeding early on and there’s a hard slam into an elbow drop for two. They head up the ramp as Taz continues his hatred of Moxley. That’s cut off as Moxley throws him off the stage and face first into the post (DING!). The referee dives over to check out Allin and we take a break.

Back with Allin caught in an STF but flipping Moxley off anyway. Allin fights up and sends Moxley outside for the suicide dive and a bunch of right hands. Back up and Allin steps on Moxley’s hand on the post, setting up the big flip dive from the top of the post to the floor. A Code Red gives Allin two back inside but Moxley is back with a release German suplex to send Allin flying.

Cue Wardlow for a distraction though and MJF lays Moxley out with a title shot to the head. Wardlow finally leaves and the Coffin Drop gets two on the bloody Moxley. Allin dropkicks him into the corner and hits the flipping Stunner. Another Coffin Drop is countered into a rear naked choke though but Allin fights up again. That earns him a Gotch style piledriver for two, because AEW loves kickouts. Moxley is very frustrated and hits the Paradigm Shift to finally retain the title at 14:29.

Rating: B-. The storytelling was here throughout and while there wasn’t a ton of drama, what we got still worked out rather well. Moxley didn’t want to beat Allin up that badly but had to do it because they are that much alike. There wasn’t much doubt about Moxley vs. MJF coming up next though and that’s perfectly fine.

Moxley checks on Allin to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. Better show than last week with that Cassidy bit being the highlight. The show was heavy with tag matches and that hurt things a bit to start, but the action was good and they set some things up for the future. It was a little step up over last week’s off show though, and that’s a great sign for AEW. They weren’t as sharp last week but there was no reason to think it was anything more than an off night. Not many places can say that and it’s nice to see here.


Dark Order/Colt Cabana b. Kenny Omega/Hangman Page/Young Bucks/FTR – Discus lariat to Page

Best Friends b. Santana/Ortiz – Victory roll to Ortiz

Cody/Matt Cardona b. Dark Order – Rough Ryder to Reynolds

Big Swole b. Reba – Dirty Dancing

Jon Moxley b. Darby Allin – Paradigm Shift



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