WWF Action Zone – April 16th. 1995

April 16, 1995

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Todd Pettengill. Gorilla is replacing Ross this week as in reality,  Ross was in the midst of moving from Georgia to Connecticut and unable to tape commentary for the show.

This week’s featured match is Allied Powers vs. Heavenly Bodies

Replay of the finish from last week’s Razor Ramon vs. Tatanka match that ended in a double countout when King Kong Bundy and Razor Ramon got involved.


1-2-3 Kid defeats Barry Horowtiz in a match from the 4/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The Alundra Blayze post-op surgery photos are shown once again.


Men on a Mission defeat & John Sinowksi & Charlie Hunter in a match from the 4/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” . Raymond Rougeau is shown asking MoM about the Smoking Gunns. Mabel says they are yesterday’s news and shoves the camera out of the way.


The hosts talk about MoM’s attack costing The Gunns at WrestleMania.


We now hear the hosts talk about the home you can win on the In Your House PPV.


Jeff Jarrett defeats Scott Taylor in a match from the 4/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get a hype video for next week’s featured match of The Headshrinkers vs. Jacob & Eli Blu


Bob Backlund on Spring Break is shown.


The Jasmine McNeil essay on drugs with Undertaker saying “there’s no hope with dope.” They haven’t shown this one in over a year.


Kama defeats John Crystal in a match from the 4/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” .


Hunter Hearst Helmsley debut vignette is shown.


Heavenly Bodies vs. Allied Powers

No Cornette for The Bodies here as Gorilla jokes about him not being able to go North of the Mason/Dixon line. The Bodies attack before the bell. The Powers fight back then hit stereo delayed vertical suplexes. The Bodies bail then the match returns with Bulldog putting Del Ray in the tree of woe. Pettengill notes that both of these teams are contenders for the Tag Team Titles as Luger and Prichard are now in the match. Gorilla says a producer notes there is some activity backstage between Bam Bam Bigelow and Diesel as Prichard fires away in the corner. Bulldog and Del Ray are back in again now as Bulldog hits Del Ray with an inverted atomic drop but Prichard runs in and hits a bulldog after a blind tag that the announcers missed. Prichard then rams Bulldog into the turnbuckle and hammers away. The Bodies stomp Bulldog as we to go break and the match returns with Del Ray using a reverse chin lock. Del Ray drops an elbow for two as Gorilla plugs the Superstar Line. Prichard is in now and uses a surfboard as Gorilla tells us that Bigelow has demanded a title shot against Diesel. Prichard now uses a front facelock but Bulldog edges closer to Luger and makes the tag. However, Del Ray distracted the ref and Luger is ordered back to the apron. The Bodies use a double suplex for two but Bulldog reverses a suplex from Prichard as both men are down. Del Ray tags in and cuts off a tag then decks Luger off of the apron. Luger runs back inside and the ref cuts him off as The Bodies illegally double-team Bulldog. The announcers talk about Allied Powers needing more experience and to get on the same page as Bulldog tries to make the tag but is dragged to the corner. Del Ray gyrates before a reverse neckbreaker and that gets two as Pettengill yells at them to hook the leg but Gorilla says they are “dumb.” Pettengill wants to know where Cornette is as Gorilla jokes he is helping Jim Ross. We go to another break and return with Del Ray missing a moonsault. Bulldog then tries to make the tag but Prichard tags and cuts him off and again knocks Luger off of the apron. The announcers are handed a note as The Bodies use a double team move for a two count. Del Ray ducks his head and gets kicked in the face then Bulldog finally makes the tag. Luger runs wild and hits Del Ray with a powerslam for a two count. Bulldog tags in and gets punched but catches a floatover attempt and hits Del Ray with a running powerslam for the win (13:25 shown) **1/2. The announcers are unable to read the producer’s note but Gorilla heard that Bigelow challenged Diesel on his own without DiBiase’s consent. The hosts plug RAW and the Tag Team Title match as the Allied Powers pose in the ring.

Thoughts: I mean this was a solid match and all but why on earth are the powers, a team of two former singles stars that at their lowest points are still far above the Bodies on the card, need to sell this much and take a match spanning over two commercial breaks to get the win over a team that has essentially replaced Well Dunn at the bottom of the heel tag team totem pole? The Bodies have a lot of good double-team moves and work well together but at the end of the day its a lower card team.


Final Thoughts: The tag match was well wrestled as we get another tag as the featured match for next week. Ross will also return then and we will likely know more about the In Your House PPV too.



Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 4/17/95

Thursday: WWF Dortmund, Germany 4/17/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 4/22/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/23/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 4/23/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 4/24/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 4/29/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/30/95

Tuesday: WWF Action Zone 4/30/95