WWF Superstars – April 15th, 1995

April 15, 1995

From the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and the debuting Dok Hendrix. For those unaware, Hendrix is much better known as Michael PS Hayes of the Fabulous Freebirds.

This week’s featured match is the Smoking Gunns vs. Hakushi & Kwang


Allied Powers vs. Bert Centeno & Tony DeVito

Vince tells us that Dok is replacing the “sick” Jerry Lawler as Hendrix tells us that Lawler is out due to being divorced. Bulldog now sporting the same style of trunks as Luger but with his country’s flag represented. Luger runs over DeVito then takes him down with a hip toss. Bulldog tags now and hits a delayed vertical suplex as Hendrix says he wants to see the Powers use quick tags then adds they’ve not held gold in a long time and their teaming is a “desperate” move. Bulldog now works over Centeno as Vince talks up the Powers about being title contenders. Centeno beats on Bulldog but ends up getting caught and put away with a running powerslam (3:10). Vince then tells us that the Powers will be facing the Heavenly Bodies on “Action Zone” and then could be championship bound afterwards. Dok then refers to 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly as “Beavis & Butthead.”

Thoughts: They seem to be slowly building the Allied Powers for a Tag Team Title feud against Owen Hart & Yokozuna. Hendrix called his first match here and showed heel tendencies as the match went along and boy did that not stop on this show.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She plugs the “World Tour de Force” shows in New York but it will take place at Madison Square Garden on 6/10/95. That is a fancam show I have and will review. Wiand says she has been talking with “promoters” but does not have a card for the shows.


The camera shows the announcers as we see Hendrix for the first time. We are shown photos of Alundra Blayze after her surgery as Hendrix mocks Blayze in obnoxious fashion. Christ, this was awful.


Bob Holly vs. Black Phantom

Vince puts over Holly’s next race in Virginia. Hendrix says his sources told him that both Bertha Faye and Harvey Whippleman live in a trailer park. Phantom takes control to start. Holly comes back with a flying headscissors then uses a slam. Holly then hits a jumping back elbow smash as Hendrix says that race car drivers are not athletes, thus not making Holly a dual-sport superstar. Phantom drills Holly with a knee smash as Vince plugs Holly & 1-2-3 Kid facing Owen Hart & Yokozuna for the Tag Titles on RAW. Phantom whips Holly into the corner a few times and gets a two count. Phantom then uses a chin lock but Holly escapes with ease and hits a dropkick then runs wild until he hits a flying elbow drop for the win (3:24). Vince then plugs how Holly’s race will be shown on ESPN and adds how he might also become a champion Monday night.

Thoughts: A win to build up Holly heading into his Tag Team Title match on RAW. Given all the race car hype the past month you would think this meant Holly was going to be getting a solid push.


We are shown clips of Diesel’s interview and Shawn Michaels interview where he was attacked by Psycho Sid from RAW two weeks ago.


The Smoking Gunns are not phased by Hakushi & Kwang’s martial arts expertise and vow to win the match. Bart Gunn remains one of the worst promos in the company even with this trash material.


Hakushi w/ Shinja & Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Smoking Gunns

Hendrix says that Shawn was unprofessional and embarrassed Sid in front of the largest audience in RAW history thus he deserved the attack. Hakushi & Kwang attack the Gunns before the bell. Billy gets tossed outside but Bart ducks a clothesline and slingshots Billy back in with a double clothesline. The Gunns are able to take off their shirts and get ready as the match settles down. The Gunns work over the arm of Kwang. Billy slams Kwang for a two count as Hendrix does this bit where he keeps messing up the names of the Gunns. The Gunns continue to work the arm of Kwang then even hit a Hart Attack but Shinja & Whippleman distract the refs. Bart ducks his head and gets kicked then Kwang uses a thrust kick. Kwang tags out after spewing his mist in the air as Hakushi beats on Bart. We go to break after Hakushi uses a Vader Bomb for a two count and return with Hakushi using a front facelock. Kwang tags back into the match and chokes out Bart with the ropes. Hakushi is back in and collides with Bart after both men attempted crossbodies. They tag out as Billy runs wild on Kwang. Hakushi breaks up a pin attempt then the ref is distracted. Hakushi holds up Billy but Kwang accidentally hits him with a spinning heel kick. Kwang looks over Hakushi but that allows Billy to roll him up from behind and get the win (7:43) **1/4. After the match, Shinja and Whippleman argue as Hakushi is still out on the mat. Kwang then helps up Hakushi but gets shoved. Whippleman stands between both men and Hakushi shoves him down. Hendrix really wants to see a fight but the managers finally settle down their men as Vince thinks we will see more of the “Shoguns” in the future.

Thoughts: Solid TV match as Kwang took the pin. That should have been expected since he has not done anything of note since entering the company. However, Hakushi selling the spinning heel kick for as long as he did was a bit ridiculous. Anyway, this also showed The Gunns are back on track after dropping the titles and can now feud with Men on a Mission. And if you weren’t sure that Hendrix was a heel by this point then they beat that over your head with a hammer during this match. The commentary was so bad at points it made you want to turn off the TV.


An ad for the In Your House PPV airs.


We see Hakushi & Kwang up the aisle as they see what happened on the video wall. Hakushi gets pissed and attacks Kwang and the two brawl until officials break up the action. And now we are apparently getting a match between Hakushi and Kwang in which the winner seems quite obvious.


We are shown the finish of last week’s Jeff Jarrett vs. Aldo Montoya non-title match. Montoya got the win after getting his arm up on a back suplex attempt by Jarrett. A video package for the rematch airs as this time it will be for the Intercontinental Title.


The WWF “In a Class of its Own” ad airs.


A vignette for Hunter Hearst Helmsley airs. Helmsley is sitting in a chair with a chandelier in the background as classical music plays. He says when it comes to “riff raff, deliquents, and hooligans” that the WWF has more than its fair share like The Bushwhackers, Headshrinkers, and Smoking Gunns. He then says its time for the WWF superstars need to learn class and how to be a gentleman. His tone then changes as he says losers have to work hard to become winners but for himself, being a champion comes naturally as he laughs before putting a pipe in his mouth. For those watching WCW they would have noticed Helmsley as Jean Paul Levesque. Here, he plays a similar character. Helmsley was backstage at WrestleMania, along with Chris Candido & Sunny (Sunny claimed in a RF Video shoot interview from 2006 that Helmsley followed them along and said he doesn’t care what he had to do as one day he wanted to “run this place” when referring to WWF), and even at the Fan Festival which prompted some in attendance to thinking he would be Owen Hart’s surprise partner. I actually thought Helmsley did a good job with this promo and showed charisma.


Adam Bomb vs. Mike Bell

Bomb catches Bell with a drop toe hold before dropping an elbow. Bomb now applies a chin lock but Bell breaks that up with a jawbreaker. Bell hammers away but Bomb counters with a back drop then sends Bell through the ropes with a dropkick. Hendrix talks about “Alpo” Montoya and next week’s Intercontinental Title match as Bell returns and hammers away on Bomb. Bell kicks Bomb in the face but Bomb shrugs it off in what appeared like a miscommunication spot where Bomb was supposed to have immediately regained control off the Irish whip. Bomb then hammers away then uses a flying clothesline for the win (2:59).

Thoughts: A win for Bomb who still remains directionless in the company. And we also got some terrible “humor” from Hendrix.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. We once again hear about the World Tour de Force dates in the New York area.


Henry Godwinn vs. Nick Barberri

Vince talks about how you can win the house at the PPV. Barberri gets beaten down by Godwinn but avoids a charge in the corner. Barberri tries to work the arm but Godwinn clotheslines him then applies a full nelson. Barberri tries to escape but Godwinn counters with a wheelbarrow slam. Godwinn stomps away then hits a gutbuster before gouging Barberri’s face and soon after that the Slop Drop gets the win (2:00).

Thoughts: I thought that Godwinn looked great in this squash but his current gimmick isn’t getting him anywhere. However, as I learned in the first Godwinns shoot interview with RF Video, Henry did in fact farm hogs in real life and felt the gimmick fit him well.


We then see Bob Backlund on Spring Break. He is walking the beach in his suit and bowtie. He even has suntan lotion all over his nose. He keeps shifting the camera’s focus on himself and not the girls in bikinis. Backlund wants the American youth to pursue knowledge, the only path to true happiness. Backlund said that Spring Break will cause a cascade of chemical reactions to affect their decision making. The visual of Backlund on his beach in his suit was amusing but this was more of less the same as every other Backlund promo the past several months.


Next week in action are Owen Hart & Yokozuna, Razor Ramon, as well as Jeff Jarrett vs. Aldo Montoya for the Intercontinental Title.


Final Thoughts: The featured tag was solid and next week we learn of an Intercontinental Title match. We also saw the debut vignette of Hunter Hearst Helmsley and saw the debut of Dok Hendrix. And speaking of Hendrix, I thought he was just horrible and far too obnoxious in this heel role. Its like the material you’d expect Todd Pettengill to use if he turned heel. Hendrix was so grating he felt like a combo of Mark Madden and Ed Ferrara on color.


Speaking of Hendrix, Bruce Prichard told a good story of Hayes getting this role on his podcast. Hayes had been calling up Prichard looking for work but Vince did not want him as a wrestler due to his “Southern” look and how badly his Freebird run ended in the WWF back in 1984. The company was looking for new color commentators (Shane Douglas even auditioned for the role) and Prichard felt that Hendrix would knock it out of the park but knew Vince hated the look so told Hayes he might have to cut his hair and beard and at this point Hayes was open to the role. So, Hayes auditioned with Vince and it went well so Prichard had a hair stylist on hand and they convinced Hayes to cut his hair and beard. Then, Vince wanted a new name and asked Hayes what he liked. Hayes said he liked rock music and Vince came up with “Dok” due to Doc Severinsen who led the “Tonight Show” band when Johnny Carson was the host then Hayes named off some musician names and they settled on Hendrix after Jimi Hendrix.