The Hot tag!

So I was watching all the multi-man matches from NJPW this weekend and noticed the lack of heat building segments leading to a hot tag. But you don't get those much in six to eight man matches anyway, so then it got me re-watching a bunch of nxt tag-team matches over the years, the standard i think right now, and noticed, most matches are so back and forth, there are very few instances of the hot tag anymore. With the current athletisicm and talen across the world, is this just the evolution of the buisness?

And having said that, besides the endless Ricky Morton moments, do any hot tags stand out to you as your favs?  The No Mercy 02 tag immedietly come to mind as both were exceptional and even had you bust out “Chinese Fire Drill”!

I've certainly noticed that AEW doesn't do the hot tag as much as they do a series of mini-hot-tags, although hopefully that changes from FTR's new contract that they signed on Wednesday.  

For me, one of my favorite non-Morton hot tags was when Edge & Hogan won the tag team titles.  That was such a perfect use of Hogan that I can't believe they managed to drop it so quickly, although I doubt Hulk would have been happy in that role.  Even though it would have extended his career for years!  He'd be like playing the WWE video games and having a character completely charged up with finisher ready before he got into the ring.