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Hi Scott

From your collection of wrasslin' toys and memorabilia, what is:

* Your all-time favourite item?

* The most obscure item?

* The weirdest, most out-there, “why the hell does this exist” item?

* The “honourable mention” that doesn't fit into the above categories but you just want to give a shout about?

and the bonus question;

* What's the one that got away? The one you're kicking yourself you never managed to get your hands on?

Then let's punt the same question to the Comments Universe!
I actually don't have much for memorabilia any more.  Back in the 90s I collected tons of them but these days I've got a few bits and pieces that came in the Slam Crates and that's about it.  Obviously my favorites way back in the day were when I was a kid and had nearly a full collection of the LJN figures.  By the 90s I started picking up the WCW attempts, which gave me the infamous Chris Benoit vibrating figure.  See, they wanted “rumble” action, so they put an actual vibrating motor in it, unaware of how the jokes would literally write themselves.  I had some other weird stuff too, like a Steve Austin and Brian Pillman 2-pack from the WWF, where they were secret agents of SMASH and dressed in military gear.  It was a pretty cool line, although nothing close to the crossover weirdness you get now from stuff like the Ninja Turtles/WWE sets or the Masters of the WWE Universe set.  Or even WWE Zombies!