Teeny Teen Titans Go and Bonus Brave and the Bold!

Teen Titans Go recommendation yesterday? Sure, as long as I can throw in some Brave and the Bold too!

40%, 40%, 20% (by Ben Gruber)

Cyborg starts off with a cock rock love song to the annoyance of the Titans, named ‘Night Begins To Shine’ (the title of the episode refers to the percentage that each songwriter contributed to it, as shown on an incredibly cool foldout tape mural. Eventually the song begins to transform the Titans themselves and the world they’re in.

Helps that the song is awesome, something that Empire of the Sun or Daft Punk would produce, including a video with metal stallions, gold eagles, and a wolf over the moon. That kind of visual grandeur is beautiful to look at, even if totally nonsensical.

And here’s a little more Robin!

The Color of Revenge! (by Todd Casey)

Teaser: Batman and Robin battle Crazy Quilt and his Color Guard, which ends with Quilt blinded. Some nice homages to the sixties show, with Bruce and Dick in shadow answering the Batphone, sliding down the Batpoles, heading out in the Batmobile, and climbing up walls on the outside of the building.

Main episode: An older Robin, now working independently in Bludhaven, stops Solomon Grundy from robbing a bank and finds out Batman’s in “his” town. Crazy Quilt is out of Arkham and looking for revenge. Robin has a real chip on his shoulder about being treated like a kid by Batman. Kid does have a point, as he’s ignored and undermined regularly. They go through their Bret and Owen situation, with a little bit of prodding from Quilt, but ultimately are cool at the end of the episode… mostly.

Visually it’s an interesting episode because of the artistic nature of the villain, with lots of colour and homages to paintings. I wasn’t really feeling Jeffrey Tambor as the villain. He’s obviously got the prominent voice and has done a lot of voice acting, but it just didn’t totally suit this character. Maybe he needed a French accent instead.

Addendum: I found out late in the day that there was a sequel to 40%, 40%, 20%, but not had time to look at it, so here’s some bonus Justice League Action from the last few years.

Rage of the Red Lanterns (by Ernie Altbacker)

Much simplified designs in this show. It’s the big three and Cyborg, keeping an eye out on a meteor that can change course and is heading for the Watchtower. Turns out it’s Lobo. Not mad on his Southern accent. He needs sanctuary from the Red Lanterns, who he’s aggravated. Atrocitus is right behind with Zilius Zox, Bleez and Skallox. Lobo stole three Red Lantern rings. Zilus is fun as the perpetually pissed off toady. The Lanterns are left at the door while Dex-Starr sneaks in to give them access. They have enough of the Justice League covering for Lobo, who’s sneaked away and is stealing from them at the same time, and attack.

The gag here is Lobo’s deviousness and greed, but I wasn’t feeling it. Better is getting to see newer characters like the Red Lanterns in a show. They were great in the short-lived Green Lantern show too. Recognised Michael Dorn, who’s always generally solid but unspectacular, as Atrocitus, but wasn’t until the credits that I realised Armin Shimerman played Zox. The short length of the episode means that while it’s not too deep, it’s frenetic and you don’t get bored. I’ll check out some more of these.

No big plans for the week ahead, but it’ll be Transformers on Monday, Wednesday Is Comics Day, then whatever the urge takes me to look at in between. Sunday Funnies back next week.