What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – June 17, 1995

(I was doing a 2.5 hour move yesterday, so I was not able to get my regular USWA column up.  Read below about what was happening in Memphis in mid-June 1995!)

Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are handling the announcing today and they are broadcasting from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brown interviews Brandon Baxter, who proclaims a new era in the USWA.  He welcomes out Doug Gilbert, Brian Lee, and Jimmy Harris and dubs his group “the Legend Slayers.”

Opening Contest:  Brickhouse Brown (2-6) beats Doug Gilbert (w/Brandon Baxter, Brian Lee & Jimmy Harris) (7-3-2) via disqualification when Lee attacks Brown at 3:27:

Brown is wrestling a four-on-one match by proxy here, having to figure out how to work around the heels trying to trip him up from the floor.  Brown makes his comeback after a Gilbert blind charge and there is heel miscommunication when Lee hops up on the apron.  Before Brown can capitalize, Lee interferes and that causes a disqualification.  Brown kept this together and flowing because Gilbert’s offense is very one dimensional.  Rating:  *½

After the bell, the heels attack Brown and give him a spike piledriver.  Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee run in for a late save, with Lawler getting a hold of Baxter and Dundee lightly paddling him.

Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee (1-0) beat Fred James & Romeo Rodriguez when Dundee pins James after a flying sunset flip at 1:59:

Rodriguez was a former USWA tag team champion, working under a mask as the Great Mephisto a year earlier.  That experience does not work in his favor, today, though as Lawler and Dundee squash their opponents, with Dundee performing one of the worst flying sunset flips in the history of the business for the win.

Brown interviews Lawler and Dundee, with Lawler railing against the Brandon Baxter and the Legend Slayers.  Dundee does the same until the Slayers run out and Baxter gets a measure of revenge earlier by whipping Dundee with a belt.  PG-13 run out after that to make the save.

After footage is shown of Billy Jack Haynes attacking Brian Christopher after the “Best of Louisville” battle royal at A Night to Remember, Maclin interviews Haynes.  Haynes puts over his upcoming match with Christopher and vows to put him out of professional wrestling.

Billy Jack Haynes (4-0) pins Donnie Kelly after a chokeslam at 1:19:

Kelly was a longtime Memphis jobber and Haynes runs through him to stay undefeated.

Brown interviews USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Christopher.  Christopher says that is ready for Billy Jack Haynes and he is still fuming about Haynes ruining his victory in Louisville.

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Non-Title Match:  PG-13 (USWA Tag Team Champions) (22-10-1) beat the Gambler & Gorgeous George III (w/Downtown Bruno & Uptown Karen) (0-1) when Wolfie D pins George after a failed suplex at 3:58:

Even in the USWA Bruno is an awful manager as his crew have fallen off the company’s radar screen and are losing tons of matches.  A serviceable television tag team match develops, with the end coming when J.C. Ice hits George in the gut when he raises Wolfie D for a suplex, allowing the latter to fall on top for the pin.  Rating:  **

Bill Dundee cuts a taped promo against Brandon Baxter and he promises to take him out.

The Last Word:  So, there is another big heel faction in the territory, being set up to fall hard to Jerry Lawler ad Bill Dundee.  The USWA Unified World title has become an afterthought since Lawler beat Razor Ramon for it, rarely getting defended except when Jos LeDuc made a legend appearance last week.  The USWA might want to look into fixing that if they want to draw more fans to the Coliseum.

The USWA drew 1,150 fans and a gate of $7,000 to its show at the Mid-South Coliseum on June 19, an increase of 100 over its previous regular show there on June 5.

-Scott Studd (20-8-2) beat the Gambler (2-2)

-Max Muscle (1-0) beat Cory Williams

-Brickhouse Brown (3-6) beat Mr. World Class (2-1)

-Tracy Smothers (0-1) defeated Gorgeous George III (12-10-1)

-USWA Women’s Champion Miss Texas (12-3-1) beat Uptown Karen (2-5) in a chain match

-USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Christopher (23-10-3) wrestled Billy Jack Haynes (5-0) to a double count out

-NWA Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express (1-1-2) beat PG-13 (23-10-1) when Ricky Morton pinned Wolfie D

-Doug Gilbert & Brian Lee beat Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee (2-0) in a “loser gets tarred and feathered” match

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