What if Cinematic Matches were a thing earlier?

If cinematic matches had been invented earlier in wrestling history, what wrestlers or feuds would have been perfect for them?

Goldust is almost too obvious to mention, and the Hollywood Backlot Brawl was “cinematic” already.
Mick Foley also seems really obvious.
Undertaker has already had one.

So with the obvious ones out of the way, let me suggest Ultimate Warrior. Who the hell knows what he would have come up with? His promos were insane. A Warrior cinematic match could take him to a distant galaxy or ancient Rome, or literally anywhere.

Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk to name two.  Eddie Gilbert and Dusty Rhodes would have been ALL OVER that shit. If Dusty had lived to 2020 he would have probably insisted on producing and starring in one and it probably would have ruled.