Rock vs. Goldberg

This should be a good topic of discussion for the blog.
Hey there Scott, long time fan of your work. I was recently revisiting your “Wrestling's Made Men” book (I own all of the original pressings of your books except one, still read them) and after reading the section covering Goldberg's WWE debut leading into Backlash 2003, I wanted to get your thoughts. Now, I understand “striking while the iron is hot,” and you have made this point several times over the years, however, I still feel that the first ever Rock vs. Goldberg match was way too big for Backlash or any other PPV not named Wrestlemania or even Summerslam. So, with hindsight being 20/20, do you think they were justified in running the match at Backlash or should they have waited till Summerslam that year or possibly Wrestlemania XX at MSG? I also understand the constraints of both men's schedule at the time, but I still think it's worthy of a discussion 17 years after the fact.

The entire problem with the Invasion (among many) was that they waited too long to bring in all of those guys.  Why would you make people wait even longer?