New Japan Pro Wrestling: Summer Struggle Part 3 (7.31.20)

– The card for Jingu Stadium is starting to come together.  Also the announcement of the KOPW 2020 Title, this could be a great show leading into the G1 in the winter.  But tonight, it’s NAGATA vs SUZUKI!


– Live from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

1.  Toru Yano, YOSHI-HASHI, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto vs.  Gabriel Kidd, Yota Tsuji, Ryusuke Taguchi, and Satoshi Kojima

– A rare 8 man to start the show.  Uncle Liger is on commentary.  Kidd calls out Ishii before the bell.  Does this guy have a death wish?  Kidd tires himself forearming Ishii.  Ishii tires himself beating the shit out of Kidd and tags in Goto.  Taguchi in now, and does some ass dancing.  Funky Weapon attacks as Yano catches him for an inverted atomic drop.  Taguchi’s team makes the save and he sets up on the middle turnbuckle for Goto’s face to his ass.  Goto with a spin wheel kick to the ass.  YOSHI is in now to really bring things down to a halt.  Funky Weapon drops YOSHI and we have a double down.  Koji in now to hand out about 39 chops to the chest of YOSHI.  Koji with a diving elbow off the top for 2.  YOSHI mounts a comeback as the crowd politely claps.  Yano in to save this match and takes off the corner pad.  Koji is not in the mood for the bullshit and makes Yano take the exposed corner charge.  Tsuji in now, so the end is near.  He and Kidd hit double dropkicks to Ishii and Goto.  Jumping splash on Yano gets 2.  Tsuji hits the exposed corner, no-sells and hits a spear for 2.  Yano throws him towards the referee and hits the Low Blow for the win @ 9:59.  (Its hard to get into a match like this where some of the guys are lions, some are strong style, and some are comedy guys.  Just give me one or the other.  D.)


2.  Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma vs.  SANADA and Shingo Takagi

– Makabe and Shingo begin but Honma quickly tags in.  Shingo beats on him and throws him outside for more abuse.  He clamps a cobra clutch around the post with Honma’s head trapped in between.  Honma fights back and misses the KoKeShi.   SANADA and Makabe n now as they exchange clotheslines.  Honma tags back in but gets trapped in the inverted sleeper.  Makabe makes the save with duel suplexes on SANADA and Shingo.  Honma slams SANADA and goes up tot he second floor for a KoKeShi headbutt, aaannnnnnnnnnnd misses.  Shingo and SANADA take turns with beating on Honma.  Honma gets a small package for 2.  Inverted sleeper by SANADA and brings it down for a triangle.  Honma taps out @ 11:07.  (Honma has always been a favorite of mine, but his injury hs made him kind of second rate ever since.  They gave him a large portion of the match and didn’t bury him like they normally do.  C-.)


3.  Yuya Uemora, Master Wato, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Kota Ibushi, and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs.  DOUKI, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, El Desperado, Zack Sabre Jr, and Taichi

– Customary brawl spreads all around ringside before the bell.  Tenzan and DOUKI break down in the ring.  Tenzan with the lowest of low spin wheel kicks to take down DOUKI.  Tanahashi and Taichi are now the legal men.  Taichi suplexes Tanahashi and get lays out like he’s been shot.  The rest of Suzuki Gun attack on the outside.  Taichi stalls until ZSJ comes in.  Tanahashi fights back and tags in Ibushi.  Standing moonsault gets 2.  Ibushi misses a corner charge and ZSJ ties him up in a head and arm submission.  Ibushi frees himself and tags in Master Wato.  Kanemaru in and Wato dumps him.  Wato with a twisting dive over the top to the floor on DOUKI and Kanemaru.  Wato attempts a powerbomb and gets backdropped.  Nice dropkick from Kanemaru.  Here comes Desperado and charges into a dropkick from Wato.  Uemura comes in with the rest of the team as they take turns charging the corner.  Uemura with a go behind and Desperado reverses into a spinebuster.  Muffler submission but cut off by Tanahashi.  Ibushi is in and hes doing all kinds of flippy shit.  Uemura with an attempt of a German suplex and Desperado shoves him to the ref and rocks Uemura with a right hand.  Spinning Angel’s Wings gets with win @ 14:09.  (Basically the same tag match from the first two nights.  Only difference is we got a little more Wato that before.  C-.)



4.  Gedo and Yujiro Takahashi (with that evil man, Jado) vs.  SHO and Kazuchika Okada

– Gedo tried to distract Okada but didn’t work out too well.  Okada with a dropkick to Yujiro and tags in SHO.  SHO hits the ropes and Jado cracks the kendo stick to the back of SHO.  Evil, son, of a, bitch!  Yujiro is on the outside to take care of Okada so he can nap for about 5 minutes on the floor.  Gedo with the bell mallet over the back of SHO’s head.  Pretty sure the ref saw all of that.  Both the referee and I look up and the corner pad is completely gone.  SHO gets shot in shoulder first and he goes down like he’s been shot.  Okada is awake and Yujiro tries to bait him in.  Yujiro displays 101 ways to hit a basement dropkick on SHO.  SHO finally is able to suplex Yujiro over and here comes The Rainmaker.  He charges into a Stun Gun and Brain Buster gets 2.  Okada hits the ropes and Yujiro nails a LARIATOOOOOOO!  Gedo tags in and Okada tags out to SHO.  Multiple kicks to Gedo gets a 2 count.  Code Red by SHO and Yujiro breaks it up.  Jado is on the apron again so Gedo can get the brass knucks.  Hes measuring SHO and IT’S TORU YANO WITH A PHANTOM LOW BLOW!  Back cracker by SHO into the armbar submission and Gedo taps out @ 10:40!  (I love that finish.  Same EXACT tag match from previous two nights, but they got creative when Gedo is involved.  Imagine that.  C-.)


5.  EVIL and Tajii Ishimori (Dick Togo is at ringside with backwards Kangol) vs.  BUSHI and Tetsuya Naito

– Seeing how we have been promised a return match of Naito vs EVIL on the 29th.  Plus we have Hiromu out until August, I’m predicting we have BUSHI doing the honors tonight. Naito and EVIL brawl to begin with BUSHI and Ishimori getting tagged in.  Togo does his best to cause problems for BUSHI.  BUSHI tries to fight EVIL but EVIL overpowers him.  BUSHI makes a quick tag to Naito and he’s laying some hammers on his former LIJ team mate.  EVIL grabs Naito’s leg and throws it into Red Shoes so he caan kick Naito down.  Naito flies back with a flying forearm and ties up EVIL in a submission.  Ishimori comes in to interrupt.  BUSHI get a hot tag and he’s handling ALL the business.  Tope on Ishimori.  Back in, EVIL holds him up for Ishimori to springboard onto him.  Meanwhile, Togo is on the outside choking Naito and its complete bullshit.  EVIL with the Scorpion Deathlock to get BUSHI to tap out @ 9:58.  (Quick paced semi final to further Naito vs EVIL.  Wasn’t expecting much with Hiromu out.  D+.)



6.  Minoru Suzuki vs.  Yuji Nagata

– We have 30 minutes left in the show and if this is anything like their New Japan Cup match, we are in for some fun.  They stare down as the crowd is clapping loud.  They exchange kicks and forearms for 90 straight seconds before Suzuki kicks him down.  Suzuki grabs a leg and works it over to the outside.  Suzuki grabs a chair and NOW Red Shoes decides to be a referee.  Yuji’s leg is tied up in the barricade and Suzuki cranks on it.  Back inside, Suzuki attempts the PK and Yuji grabs the leg.  Now Yuji is working over Suzuki’s knee.  Mafia Kick to the corner gets Yuji a 1.  Suzuki gets up and laughs in his face.  They go back to exchanging forearms as Suzuki dares him to hit harder.  I kid you not, they spend the next 5 minutes exchanging hard shots to the face.  Suzuki grabs the sleeper and Yuji throws him off.  Yuji backs up and kicks Suzuki hard.   I mean HARD!  Suzuki is holding his chest and kicking on the mat.  Yuji tries to lift for a suplex and Suzuki refuses to let it happen.  He stops him with a hard headbutt to drop Yuji.  Both men down and it looks like they are going to hit each other in the face some more.  Suzuki hits Yuji so hard in the face that even I had to shake my head.  Yuji shakes it off and peppers Suzuki to the point he slows down for a bit.  Now they are just brawling with forearm exchanges.  To go harder, they start having a slap fest and the crowd claps along in rhythm.  Suzuki lands an elbow to the side of his head and Yuji finally collapses.  Gotch Piledriver out of nowhere and Suzuki pins Yuji @ 20:37.  (This was more of a brawl of two tough old bastards.  Not as good of a showing as the New Japan Cup match, but they told a story of how touch Yuji can be.  C+.)



– Not gonna lie.  I was expecting more from the headliner.  Looks as if we are going through the motions until we get to the 4 qualifying matches for the KOPW 2020 match.  Coverage will continue in a week on August 6th from Korakuen Hall again.