Grumpy JR

Hi Scott,

I have been described on the blog as an “AEW Mutant”, because I love AEW and cut them a lot of slack. Mainly because AEW has rekindled my love of wrestling after many years away.   However, even as an AEW mutant I’m starting to get a little bit tired of JR on commentary and wanted to get your opinion.

JR is often slightly off the pace and makes mistakes regarding stipulations, names etc., which is fine.  He’s getting a bit older and the product is still relatively new.  I can get past that.  But what I’m struggling to get past is that he appears to actively crap on the product at times. He’ll openly mock wrestlers or angles, or will interrupt the other commentators being serious with a semi-shoot joke or line of sarcasm to put the product down.   

I’ve heard people say that he’s doing it deliberately and this is his new ‘gimmick’, but he’s not a patch on peak JR.   

What are your thoughts on JR’s performances in AEW?

I think it's good to have him around for credibility, but having Tony and Excalbur as a two-man team would be far more effective.  As noted, Ross doesn't really add much to the commentary side of things, as he's kind of turning into Gordon Solie at the end of HIS career.