WWF Superstars – April 8th, 1995


April 8, 1995

From the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


The hosts go over what happened at WrestleMania and mention how Alundra Blayze recaptured the Women’s Title on “Monday Night RAW” plus, Psycho Sid laid out Shawn Michaels.


Men on a Mission vs. Buck Quartermaine & Bill Payne

Mabel raps out to the ring then yells at the crowd to shut up. The announcers bring up MoM attacking the Smoking Gunns and how that probably led to the Gunns demise at WrestleMania. Quartermaine works the arm of Mo as Vince refers to him as a “promising” youngster. Mo breaks that up with a clothesline as Vince says the Gunns want to face off against MoM. Mabel tags in and hits a leg drop  on Quartermaine. Payne is in now as Mabel brushes off a pair of dropkicks. Payne avoids an elbow drop and fires away. He sends Mabel to the corner with a dropkick then apparently hurts himself so Mabel hammers away. MoM then use an assisted avalanche then Mabel hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (2:29). Mo boots Quartermaine after the match and we see some in the crowd boo as Vince asks if MoM will be victorious against the Gunns.

Thoughts: An easy win as they are really trying to get over MoM as heels in a rematch against the Smoking Gunns,


WrestleMania XI Report with Jim Ross. Same as what we saw on RAW with a humbled Bam Bam Bigelow speaking about moving on after his loss against Lawrence Taylor.


We see the house that will be given away during the “In Your House” PPV.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Mike Khoury

The announcers bring up Kid’s attack on Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie at WrestleMania as Khoury overpowers Kid to start. Kid grabs a side headlock but gets caught with a hip toss. Vince talks about Kid being a risk taker as Kid comes back with a dropkick. Vince displays anger over Roadie costing Razor Ramon the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania as Kid kicks away in the corner then puts Khoury away with a Northern Lights suplex, called a “German” suplex by Vince (2:03).

Thoughts: A win for Kid as he is firmly in the Razor/Jarrett feud.


We hear comments from Diesel on RAW where he talks about Shawn Michaels deserving a rematch and brings up their friendship. Diesel also warned Shawn that Psycho Sid is not a friend and out for himself. After that we hear from Shawn & Sid on RAW. Shawn brings up his back being hurt and also brings up his friendship with Diesel but how nothing is more important than the World Heavyweight Title so he accepts the rematch. Shawn then assures victory and will grant a rematch then. However, when asked about Sid, Shawn said he can live fine without a bodyguard and does not even need one, especially a bodyguard that cost him the title. Shawn then gives Sid the night off when the rematch happens but Sid takes offense and says no one gives him the night off and only gives him respect. We then see what happened during the break that caused Shawn to get laid out. Shawn gets in Sid’s face and yells about wanting some of this “pitbull” and doesn’t need Sid’s crap. Sid laughs it off then attacks Shawn from behind. Sid boots Shawn in the ribs and hits a powerbomb as the fans are cheering then we get a slo-mo replay (with the crowd sound also turned down since Sid was clearly getting cheers for this) of Sid powerbombing Shawn a few times until Diesel runs out for the save. Sid smirks as he heads backstage as we then see Shawn carried out on a stretcher. Vince says we will have an update on Shawn’s condition but that he has a back injury and will be out for “some time.” So how about this for a chain of events. After months of being told by Bruce Prichard & Pat Patterson that Shawn was getting face reactions and refusing to turn, Vince demands the day of this show and all plans be re-written to turn Shawn face. And when they use the angle to make that happen, the crowd cheers Sid. So, they did some careful editing of what we missed on RAW by slowing down the audio and video of Sid’s powerbombs as to not hear all the cheers for Sid. In the “Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter,” it was in fact reported as a “sudden” face turn for Shawn and that he would return in six weeks, which is exactly what Prichard and Shawn themselves have said about the same situation.


Stephanie Wiand brings us the “Fan Festival Minute” where we see some of the exhibits and stars in attendance. Wiand says she cannot wait for the next one but if she did attend it was as a fan buying a ticket.


The celebrities in attendance talk about how much fun they had at WrestleMania.


Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette vs. Rich Myers

Lawler suggests that since Vince likes to bring in retired athletes then he should sign Bo Jackson. Mantaur rams Myers into the corner then tosses him halfway across the ring. Mantaur hits a falling headbutt and beats him down until he misses an avalanche. Myers hammers away until he runs into a boot to the gut. Mantaur slams Myers as Lawler brings up airlines letting planes take off with too little fuel then we get some terrible spot where Myers leapfrogs Mantaur, who staggers until he turns around and gets dropkicked. Myers comes off of the top but Mantaur catches him and hits a front falling slam for the win (2:06). Vince says Cornette has a lot to smile about as he manages the Tag Team Champions.

Thoughts: Another awful Mantaur squash match as he is an inept performer that had no business being on TV. Luckily, his time in the company is coming to an end soon.


Lord Alfred Hayes voices over a graphic for the WrestleMania XI encore airing.


Back from break as we see Mantaur & Cornette look at the finish of the match on the video wall as Cornette says that Mantaur will not be stopped.


We see Aldo Montoya on the video wall being interviewed by Vince as part of his non-title match today against Jeff Jarrett. However, Jarrett & The Roadie interrupt and Jarrett shoves Montoya against the wall until several referees run in for the save. An easy way to build heat for this match.


Vince narrates clips from RAW with Alundra Blayze defeating Bull Nakano to recapture the Women’s Title. We also saw the woman who attacked Blayze after the match and put over her strength and size then Vince identifies the woman as an associate of Harvey Whippleman named “Bertha Faye.” Vince also says that Blayze will be out of action with a broken nose. In reality, it was an angle created as Blayze was getting a nose job for cosmestic purposes as the Torch reported she had aspirations outside of wrestling such as an attempt at Hollywood. We can now see Faye & Whippleman together soon enough.


Aldo Montoya vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ The Roadie

Vince puts over Montoya for being focused on this match and being a tremendous competitor. Montoya takes Jarrett from the aisle and tosses him into the ring to start the match. Montoya hits a crossbody for a two count then uses a sunset flip for another nearfall. Montoya works a side headlock on the mat. Jarrett catches Montoya with a drop toe hold but Montoya avoids an elbow drop and goes back to the headlock. Roadie attempts to trip Montoya and distracts him long enough for Jarrett to hit a knee smash from behind. Montoya flies through the ropes then Roadie turns him inside out with a clothesline. Vince says that Razor Ramon’s knee is injured as Jarrett struts around. Jarrett hits a few suplexes then follows with a few elbow drops before. Jarrett taunts the crowd and whips Montoya into the turnbuckle a few times. Jarrett continues to taunt the crowd as we go to break. We return with Montoya fighting back. He gets two with a flying clothesline. Backslide gets two. Montoya avoids an elbow in the corner and comes back with a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Montoya gets booted in the gut and kicked again after ducking his head for a back drop. Jarrett then uses a bridging back suplex and appears to have gotten win but we saw that Montoya had his shoulder up before the three count (7:16) **1/4. Jarrett’s music plays but Montoya is then announced the winner. Jarrett is irate as Montoya as he slaps hands with the fans. Montoya’s music now plays as Jarrett & Roadie are throwing fits with Vince saying that anything can happen in the WWF.

Thoughts: Decent TV match here although I always hated the shoulder up on a bridging suplex finish getting the win. Montoya got some shine and with his new look you might think he would be in line for a more substantial role. Well, let’s see if that happens.


An ad hyping the WrestleMania XI encore PPV airing.


We come back from the PPV plug as Jarrett now acts like he won the match and yells at the fans.


A hype video for next week’s featured match of Smoking Gunns vs. Hakushi & Kwang match airs.


Vince says that Shawn is still undergoing tests and appears to be a vertebrae or disk problem and is return date is unknown at this time. Lawler then says that can’t be true since Shawn is spineless while Vince says that he’s not Shawn’s biggest fan but felt that Sid acted cowardly on RAW. I mean, Shawn was a complete prick to Sid and dared him to do something. Anyway, they are just setting up Shawn as a face when he returns.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Scott Taylor

Lawler says the country turned on Lafitte’s ancestors. Lafitte chops Taylor in the corner as the announcers talk about baseball for a bit. Taylor grabs a side headlock but runs into a knee smash. Lawler then brings up the tax deadline and makes fun of Blayze breaking her nose. Vince then once again talks about Bertha and Whippleman having an alliance as Lafitte ties up Taylor in the ropes and hits a crossbody block. We show a fan in the crowd wearing a crown as Lawler says he looks like Andy Kaufman as Lafitte hits a tilt-a-whirl slam before heading up top and putting Taylor away with a somersault senton for the win (3:52).

Thoughts: Despite being Lafitte’s TV debut the announcers used the match as a backdrop to talk about several other things in the promotion. Never a good sign when that happens. Crowd didn’t seem to care about Lafitte either so this was hardly a success.


Lord Alfred Hayes voices over an ad to get WrestleMania merchandise.


Another WrestleMania Report airs. Ross plugs the encore PPV airing once again and how you can see the post-WrestleMania press conference. We now focus on the Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund match as Bret used Backlund’s chicken wing for the win.


Jarrett & Roadie now join the hosts. After shaking hands with Lawler, Vince screams about Jarrett losing to Aldo Montoya. Jarrett calls Vince a liar as Vince then tells Jarrett to give Montoya a title shot. Jarrett asks who did Montoya ever beat and refuses to admit he lost this match and calls himself the greatest Intercontinental Champion as the show goes off the air. Jarrett doing some good delusional heel stuff here as we are left to wonder if Montoya will get a title shot.


Final Thoughts: Good show this week. I liked the Montoya/Jarrett angle enough and we might get a title match out of it soon. We also got to see the fallout from RAW and next week we get the Smoking Gunns vs. Hakushi & Kwang as the featured match and maybe some more news on this new In Your House PPV as well.