WCW July-August ’99

With WWE's lackluster-to-brutal creative right now, I decided to dip back to watch WCW leading into Road Wild '99. To give context, this period is “notable” to most for Hogan transitioning back to the Red & Yellow the week before the PPV to hype it. There's a lot of nonsense (Macho hates Molly Holly for being the best female wrestler on TV, Sting is president–then he's not because there's an executive committee AND a championship committee formed off-screen, etc.) to roll your eyes at. WCW after all.  Nonetheless, there is a lot of really fun/distinct characters and unique matches. I'd much prefer an eclectic mid-card of The Revolution, Jersey Triad and West Texas Rednecks to what has sent me back to “read only” mode for current Raw/Smackdown.

I also briefly watched some WW(F) in the same time period to jog my memory, and it's not too fantastic. Still, they are absolutely MAULING WCW in the ratings.  Two questions:

1.) Does WCW still have a shot to rebound at this time or are they already done due to the corporate bullshit?
2.) How excited is WWE in 2020 to have the WWE network for folks like me to go back and think '99 WCW looks….dramatically superior…. to most of what's on their shows today? After all, they are getting my money for the network and nothing related to the current product. Win where you can.

There was some good stuff from WCW at that point!  The new Horsemen and Triad stuff and good cruiserweights were all fun.  I don’t know that they could come back because the end of the company was inevitable.  And yeah, the WCW shows were always produced in a superior manner.  If they had made it to 2005 they probably would have went HD well before WWE.