WWF Monday Night RAW – April 3rd, 1995

April 3, 1995

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette

We start off with still photos from WrestleMania XI narrated by Vince. We are promised to hear all about what happened at WrestleMania on this show.


The hosts rundown the show as Cornette gloats over managing the Tag Team Champions.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly w/ 1-2-3 Kid vs. Hakushi w/ Shinja

We get a brief video package of Holly at the race track. The announcers talk about Hakushi attacking Bret Hart over Hart winning an award from the Japanese media. We start off with a fast-paced Irish whip sequence that ends after Holly hits a pair of dropkicks. Holly now takes Hakushi over with a hip toss then starts to work the arm. Hakushi drills Holly in the corner but misses a charge as we now see Owen Hart & Yokozuna head down the aisle. Hakushi ducks a flying body press as we head to break then return as Haukshi now works the arm of Holly. Vince tells us that Billy Gunn was hurt by Yokozuna last night but will return to action soon. Hakushi continues to work the arm as Cornette tells us that his team are out here to make sure Kid does not interfere in the match. Kid then takes out Owen with a spin kick but Yokozuna waddles from behinds to take out Kid. Hakushi tries a superplex but Holly shoves him off and hits a flying clothesline as both men are down. Holly is up first and runs wild until he is tripped by Yokozuna then Hakushi hits a senton for the win (6:56) **1/2. Owen & Yokozuna leave as Vince says something is fishy about this situation.

Thoughts: Solid match and they were more on the same page than their match from the 3/5 edition of “Action Zone.” The finish was weak since losing to a senton after getting tripped is something that labels you as a lower card jobber. With Owen & Yoko coming out it appeared they were building to something with a match against Kid & Holly.


WrestleMania XI Report with Jim Ross. We hear from Bam Bam Bigelow during the WrestleMania XI post conference. He is somber and humbly says he has lost before and will keep on fighting and help make the newer generation a better generation. Certainly not the promo you hear from a big nasty heel. Ross then runs down the rest of the results.


Vince welcomes Diesel to the ring. Diesel is holding the World Title belt and raises it to the crowd. Diesel said had Sid not pulled out the referee and injuring his foot then things might have been different last night. He said there were a lot of “if’s” and “buts” in that match and says Shawn Michaels does deserve a rematch. Vince brings up the controversy in the match and the friendship Diesel used to have with Shawn. The camera zooms in on Diesel’s face as he talks about being friends when he first came into the company and owes him some gratitude and grants him a rematch, although does not say when. Diesel then warns that his “psycho” bodyguard is only out for himself and gives Shawn advice for their rematch and that’s to leave home without Sid. Despite how his friendship with Shawn has ended, Diesel still cares for Shawn and warns him about Sid. Lots of foreshadowing here. The other point of this segment was to set up a rematch for the title, which while the date and place was not named, you could assume would take place at the new “In Your House” PPV.


Up next, Allied Powers vs. Well Dunn and Alundra Blayze faces Bull Nakano for the Women’s Title.


We get a new ad where an older couple all dressed up and act sophisticated while talking about how great the WWF is as the tagline “In a Class of its own.”


Allied Powers vs. Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman

Vince tells Cornette that the Powers might be the future of the WWF Tag Team Titles. Well hammers away on Bulldog to start but is quickly hit with a press slam. Dunn runs in and Luger press slams him as the Allied Powers are now firmly in control of the match. Well Dunn end up double-teaming Luger in their corner and neutralize him for a bit as the announcers talk about the Allied Powers defeating Jacob & Eli Blu last night at WrestleMania. Luger fights back and ends up tagging out as Bulldog runs wild on Dunn. Well breaks up a pin attempt then the match breaks down. Well gets dumped then Bulldog lifts up Dunn as Luger hits a flying forearm for the win (3:45) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Not much to this match at all but they appear to be positioning Allied Powers as title contenders sooner than later. This was the final appearance of Well Dunn in the WWF. Dunn would come back 3.5 years later to team with Reno Riggins and put over the Hardy Boyz on an episode of “Shotgun Saturday Night.”


Jenny McCarthy, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Pamela Anderson, and Nicholas Turturro tell us how they had a great time at WrestleMania. Turturro jokes about leaving “NYPD Blue” in order to work for the WWF. He was enthusiastic and did a solid job. I mean no way it would have been worse than new hire Barry Didinsky or some of the other gems from the past like Charlie Minn and Joe Fowler.


WWF Women’s Title Match: Bull Nakano (c) vs. Alundra Blayze

Vince tells us that Cornette has left and does not know where he went. Cornette returns and makes a joke about the audio problems last night at WrestleMania before breaking the news that next week we will see Bret Hart & 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly vs. Hakushi & Owen Hart & Yokozuna. Nakano attacks Blayze before the bell. Blayze comes back to take Nakano off of the ropes with a headscissors. Nakano fights back and whips Blayze around by the hair before drilling her with a clothesline. Nakano stretches out Blayze but Blayze eventually makes the ropes. Nakano sits on the top rope and takes Blayze down with a bulldog. Blayze fights back with a few sling blades then a spinning heel kick. She then hits a pair of missile dropkicks for a nearfall but Nakano blocks a sunset flip with a sit-down splash that gets two. Nakano locks in the Angelito then breaks the hold to yell at the ref after being admonished for hair pulling. Nakano hits a piledriver for two then heads to the middle rope but Blayze dropkicks her over the top rope. Blayze flies out with a plancha but back inside, Nakano catches her in a powerbomb for two. Nakano heads up top after a slam and hits a flying leg drop but Blayze is able to kick out. Blayze surprises Nakano with a victory roll then a bridging German suplex for two. She gets two with another German suplex then heads up top and gets kicked off and tumbles outside. Nakano crashes and burns trying a tope and Blayze comes out to hit a German suplex. Nakano then reverses an Irish whip and sends Blayze into the steps. We go back inside where Nakano sets up for a moonsault but misses and this time Blayze gets the win with a bridging German suplex and becomes the new champion (6:41) ***1/2. Cornette talks about never seeing women have this type of match as Blayze celebrates with the title as the spotlight is still on. However, someone comes into the ring and attacks Blayze as we were about to go to commercial. The announcers point out her being bigger than Nakano and not knowing if its a fan or not as she is destroying Blayze. Several referees come out to hold this woman back.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a match with the women wrestling at a fast pace and taking some insane bumps to boot. The tope to the outside by Nakano was nuts. Anyway, with Blayze once again champion she now appears to have a new challenger in an unnamed woman who towered over here. That woman was Rhonda Singh, also known as Monster Ripper. She looked awesome during the beatdown and the camera did a good job at not showing her face to keep it a mystery in terms of her identity. Since this division was basically just Blayze and Nakano at this point and they were rarely featured, new talent was desperately needed.


We get still photos as part of a video package to hype the WrestleMania XI encore presentation, which airs next Tuesday at 8pm.


Men on a Mission vs. Ben Jordan & Tony Roy

MoM attack their opponents before the bell. Roy gets dumped outside as Cornette said that MoM has finally seen the light, prompting Vince to mention Bob Backlund “seeing the light” after losing last night and will have a special announcement soon. MoM continue to beat on Jordan as Cornette quotes Porkchop Cash’s line of “Once you’ve seen the light, you can’t walk in the dark” as I’m sure Vince was thrilled with that reference. Mabel plants Jordan with a sidewalk slam then tosses him to the corner. Roy tags in and he gets beaten down as Vince talks about how you can win a house then Mabel hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: Quick win for the newly turned heel MoM, who also were pushed as possible Tag Title contenders.


We now see the house you can win as part of the next PPV titled “In Your House” followed by a promotional video for the event. The show takes place on Mother’s Day.


Vince now welcomes Shawn Michaels & Psycho Sid into the ring. Sid looks angrier than usual here. Vince asks Shawn how he feels. Shawn said his back is “screaming” and sore head to toe, feeling like he was run over by a steamroller. Shawn tells Diesel he also had trouble forgetting their friendship and at times struggled to focus. However, Shawn knows nothing is more important than the World Heavyweight Title and graciously accepts his rematch offer, because they are such good friends. Shawn then says he will win and return the favor and grant a rematch to Diesel. Vince asks Sid as Shawn says he can do just find without a bodyguard and does not need one, especially one that cost him the World Heavyweight Title. Shawn then tells Sid that he is going to do him a favor and give him the night off for the rematch. Sid then calls Shawn a “stupid little puke” and is irate over his comments. Sid then tells Shawn he does not give him anything but respect as we then have to go to break. We return and see Shawn out cold on the mat with Diesel attacking Sid. Vince tells us we will not believe what happened during the break as Sid bails then the show goes off the air. The cliffhanger ending as to what happened to Shawn was a cool way to end the show I thought. However, Sid got more cheers for yelling at and laying out Shawn than Shawn did for blaming Sid for costing him the title. In his shoot interview with RF Video, Sid said when he turned on Shawn it got the biggest pop of the night. We also heard Shawn have feelings for Diesel as a friend still so that is being used as a basis for a face turn.


Final Thoughts: A fun show tonight with a big, hot cliffhanger angle to end things. We had up until this point the best televised Women’s match in company history with a run-in angle to set up the next feud. Plus, they announced a six-man tag main event for next week as after a disappointing PPV we started off the post-Mania direction hot tonight.

According to Bruce Prichard, the day of this show Vince rented the conference room of the hotel near the Mid-Hudson Civic Center to have them re-write the TV tapings to start turning Shawn Michaels babyface as Vince wanted all of the direction changed, which Prichard claimed they had already planned out everything to SummerSlam. Prichard said that Vince made them have Shawn act like a “pitbull” that gets in Sid’s face and doesn’t back down. Shawn, in his book, said that when approached by Vince about turning face, asked Vince if it was due to the kickout. Vince told Shawn it was a bad idea then told him what would happen and that he would be off of TV for six weeks. Shawn then said he told Vince the fans liked to boo him and was the only heel they had then Shawn said when he went to Diesel to tell him the news of the turn, Diesel also asked if it was because of the kickout. While Shawn and Prichard both said it was Vince’s plan to have Shawn take time off, Diesel said that Shawn “lost his smile” again and that was why he had time off.