NJPW Title picture

So I havent followed NJPW enough to have an invested reaction with EVIL as champ, good or bad. But the consesus seems to be he shouldn't be the guy, at least right now. So with them now having some capacity of crowds, what would you prefer the next step be?  Do we get it back on Okada or Naito ASAP to build up to an ever bigger and better title match with the G1 Winner at WK? Do we tough it out with EVIL until WK? Since EVIL was kinda shock it seems, do we avoid him losing to an even bigger shocker so soon, whoever that would be? Who would you like to see take it from him, or at least win the G1 and win at WK?  Personally i want to see Ishii take the reigns for a bit, i can just never get tired of seeing that guy perform right now.  Stay safe. 

Everything is so up in the air right now that it's hard to say who should be “the guy” anyway.  If the EVIL experiment works for them, then great, but I kind of wish that someone like SANADA had gotten a shot at it before him.  I don't think EVIL is the guy who is going to headline WK, though, and he'll likely drop it before then anyway.  Okada can never be counted out, so I'm just assuming he'll end up with it again pretty soon either way.