New Japan Pro Wrestling: Summer Struggle (Night Two) 7.27.20

– The second night of action of the tour with pretty much the same card with a few changes.

– Live (or once was) from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.1.  Gabriel Kidd, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto vs.  Ryusuke Taguchi, Satoshi Kojima, and Togi Makabe

– Welcome back Jushin Liger on commentary.  Kidd and Makabe continue their rivalry (?) to begin the match.  Taguchi demands to get in and wants Ishii.  More of the same from the previous night of Taguchi using his ass for offense until Kojima comes in.  KOJIMA CHOPS!!!!!!! But Ishii isn’t having it and tries a coule of his own.  But Kojima refuses to be upstaged.  Ishii is done with the games and suplexes Kojima on his head.  Kojima pops up and these two are slugging it out for reals.  Kojima dumps Ishii RIGHT IN HIS FUCKING HEAD and all things come to a hlt momentarily.  Can’t stop the Stone Pitbull!  Hot tags to Makabe and Goto.  They try clotheslining each other to no avail.  Finally Goto wins that battle and tag back to Kidd.  Time to go home.  Kidd throwing some hammers to Makabe’s face and Makabe DROPS Kidd for his troubles.  Kidd with a quick cover on a clothesline and Makabe lazily kicks out at 2.  Taguchi back in with and ankle lock.  Ishii breaks it up with a German suplex.  Young Lion Boston Crab on Taguchi.  Makabe back in and eats a slap from Kidd.  The disrespect!  Taguchi drops him and Boomaye gets 2.5.  Wheelbarrow suplex wins it for Team Taguchi @ 9:35.  (Now this opener was MUCH better than night one.  GUys actually put on their working boots.  Liked Ishiii and Kojima mixing it up as well.  C-.)

2.  Toru Yano and YOSHI-HASHI vs.  BUSHI and Shingo Takagi

– I’m not really in the mood for YOSHI’s blandness so hopefully Yano will at least make me laugh.  He starts with Shingo.  He gets dumped early and, god damn it, here comes YOSHI.  Shingo struggles a bit with YOSHI but BUSHI stops that hope.  I’m pretty sure BUSHI and Shingo aren’t even tagging in and out at this point.  YOSHI finnally tags in Yano.  Yano takes off the corner pad and rolls up BUSHI for 2.  Yano with a swing of the pad and takes out both of LIJ.  Yano misses the corner charge and meets steel.  Cover by BUSHI and YOSHI almost fucks up breaking the pin.  Sunset flip by BUSHI gets 2.  Yano up and slingshots BUSHI to the exposed corner but its about a foot off and looks like shit.  Yano attempts a roll up but its reversed and BUSHI gets the win @ 7:41.  (Horrible match with BUSHI and Yano messing up spots they can do in their sleep.  D-.)

3.  El Desperado and Minoru Suzuki vs.  Yuya Uemura and Yuji Nagata

– Nagata and Suzuki waste no time getting back to beating the shit out of each other.  Uemura comes in and throws kicks to the face of Suzuki.  Not a bright idea.  Suzuki locks in a sleeper and tosses Uemura to the floor.  Nagata and Suzuki brawl on the floor.  Suzuki slaps the ref around for trying to break it up.  Uemura back inside gets worked over by Desperado.  He works the knee and distracts the ref while Suzuki cranks on it through the ropes.  Suzuki breaks it and does sit ups using the bottom rope with only his feet.  Pretty amazing considering how old Suzuki is.  Nagata comes back in starts brawling with Suzuki.  Suzuki finds the forearms to the face hilarious.  Suzuki hts the ropes and ducks into a sleeper but Nagata suplexes him over.  Hot tags and Uemura fires up on Desperado.  Desperado works a half crab on Uemura.  Only problem is, its the wrong leg they have worked over the whole match.  Uemura fights free and BAAAAAAACK body drops Desperado.  Quick roll up by Uemura gets 2.  Desperado knocks the ref back but doesn’t do anything illegal while the ref is turned around.  Angel’s Wings gets Desperado the win @ 11:29.  (A really great tag match.  Much better than the one involving DOUKI from night one.  Uemura is going to be a big star.  Kid looks great.  C.)

4.  Master Wato, HIroyoshi Tenzan, Kota Ibushi, and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs.  DOUKI, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Zack Sabre Jr, and Taichi

– 8 man brawl begins things before the bell.  Kanemaru and Wato roll into the ring but doesn’t last long.  Tenzan and DOUKI in now working at a snail’s pace.  Tachi ties up the referee for DOUKI to choke Tenzan with his stick.  Referee sees it in plain site and exercises a 5 count?   Suzuki Gun takes turns beating on Tenzan until ZSJ comes in.  Tenzan shares some chops flown in from Mongolia and makes the tag to Tanahashi.  They battle out of a backslide.  Tanahashi slams him down and goes for a standing elbow drop.  ZSJ locks in an armbar submission but Tanahashi escapes.  Ibushi and Taichi come into trade hard kicks.  Taichi drops him and goes for the powerbomb.  Ibushi with a hurricarana for 2.  DOUKI comes in to cut him off and now all 4 men take turns elbowing Ibushi.  DOUKI slingshots off the apron into a DDT and lants Ibushi right on his fucking head!  DOUKI hits the ropes and runs into a kick.  All 8 men take turns hitting highlight moves and DOUKI grabs his stick again. Ibushi ducks again, drops him and gets the win @12:09.  (I figured with the addition of DOUKI, this wouldn’t be as good as the 8 man from the night before.  Match ended up surpassing night one’s.  C-.)

5.  Gedo and Yujiro Takahashi vs.  SHO and Kazuchika Okada

– A rematch from night one that really wasn’t that good.  Once again, Okada and Yujiro begin but it breaks down to the outside when SHO tags in.  Yujiro drops him with headbutts and dropkicks.  They move the corner pad right in front of Red Shoes.  Do you think he would stop it or disqualify them?  NOPE!  Gedo gets purely evil by choking SHO repeatedly while Okada tries to get in.  Finally SHO tags out and Okada gets his hands on Gedo.  Gedo heads out quickly and Yujiro comes in.  Okada tries for the Cobra Clutch and Yujiro bites down on his fingers instead.  SHO back in and he’s doing his best to take out Yujiro until Gedo cuts him off.  SHO has an armbar locked in but here comes Gedo with the brass knucks.  Red Shoes actually catches him and gets tied up.  Here comes Jado with a kendo stick to the fucking face of SHO.  Kneeling DDT by Yujiro gets the win @ 10:16.  (This match was about on par with the one from the night before.  Better finish this time to even the booking.  D+.)


6.  Hiromu Takahashi, SANADA, and Tetsuya Naito vs.  Taiji Ishimori, Dick Togo, and EVIL

– Hiromu starts with Ishimori.  But with the news of HIromu having a bum shoulder, it will be a light night for him.  SANADA and Togo take over inside with EVIL beats on Naito on the outside.  EVIL gets bored with that and wants a piece of SANADA.  SANADA fights free and Ishimori comes in.  SANADA lifts him with a huge German suplex and we have hot tags.  Naito and EVIL back in and they bump chests before brawling in the middle of the ring.  Togo comes in and Naito hits the hurricarana.  Naito slumps EVIL in the corner and dropkicks him low.  Naito gots his working boots on tonight!  He stomps the fuck out of EVIL and lifts him up top.  EVIL slides out and suplexes Naito down.  Oh for fuck sake, Red Shoes is down.  3 on 1 into the corner charge on Naito.  Naito with a double leg on Ishimori.  EVIL back in and he eats a flying forearm from Naito.  Jesus, I forgot Hiromu is in the match.  He tags back in to get him some of Ishimori.  Ishimori knees him in the shoulder and Hiromu goes down likes he’s been shot.  Crossface on Hiromu and HE TAPS OUT @ 10:42!  (Shocking ending there but it gives them an out for Hiromu needing time off for the next several days.  Another great main event and Naito really stepped up more than his usual live event showings.  C+.)

– Post match, Ishimori won’t break the hold and SANADA and Naito have to make the save for Hiromu.  Ishimori grabs the mic and mocks Hiromu as he’s carried off.



– Another house show quality event.  This show seemed aa little better than the first night.  Also the announcement of the KOPW Title today will make the end of August’s shows more interesting.  Today’s show will not be run on NJPW World so it’s off until Friday’s show headlined by Yuji Nagata vs Minoru Suzuki.  See you guys then.