Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #379 – 29/07/2000

Hello You!

Here we go with some more ECW!

Last week Justin Credible and PCO had a pretty great Main Event, so hopefully we can get some more good matches this week too.

So without any further ado, let’s watching some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from Peoria, Illinois

Calling the action is Joey Styles with Dawn Marie and Joel Gertner making cameos

We open up with clips from a match between Tony Mamaluke and Yoshihiro Tajiri. Tajiri drops poor Tony on his head with a brain buster but then gets attacked by Guido and Big Sal following the bout.

Joey Styles and Dawn Marie are in front of the ECW Banner. New ECW Tag Team Champions are set to be crowned at the Hammerstein Ballroom over the course of the TV tapings on 25/26 of August. Joey wants to know if Dawn will be managing a team in the tournament, but she’d rather do some ballroom dancing and wants Joey to join in. Joey instead walks off bemused to leave Dawn dancing on her own. Joey, when a beautiful woman wants to ballroom dance with you then you darn well ballroom dance with her you absolute plum! Dawn dances on her own with gusto, showing once again why she is a national treasure. I still don’t get how the best WWE could come up with for her was generic evil bitch when this gimmick still had some mileage when she got there. Joel Gertner shows up with Joey gone and of course he’s THRILLED to get the chance to dance with Dawn.

Opening Match
ECW Title
Champ: Justin Credible w/ Francine Vs Danny Doring

This was supposed to be Kid Kash getting the Title shot thanks to getting the winning pin in a six man tag at Heatwave 2000, but a CW Anderson attack has taken him out of the running and now Doring has stepped up to get the shot instead. Francine refuses to show the crowd her flowery baps and says she demands respect from them. That gets the sort of reaction you’d expect from an ECW crowd. Credible chastises them for their behaviour and threatens to leave as we take a break.


Back from the ads, they’ve managed to coax Credible back for the match and we start things out with Doring getting to shine on Credible by out wrestling him. It’s a nice shine actually and Doring executes it well until Credible manages to cut him off with a super kick. I like how they didn’t have Credible cheat to cut Doring off there because Credible is technically higher on the pecking order and shouldn’t really have to cheat to get some offence on a tag guy, but they gave Doring a good shine before it happened so that he didn’t look too weak.

This match is a good example of how Credible is growing into his role of Champion actually, as he’s really getting the knack of working the “have a good competitive match with someone lower on the totem pole” aspect of being a heel World Champ. He just doesn’t have that star aura sadly, but he’s still a good heel worker who knows what to do in the ring. Credible works some heat and brings a table into the ring, but he ends up getting hip tossed through it for a good near fall.

Doring gets a jaw breaker for another two and then even gets to kick out of a Singapore cane shot for good measure. These near falls have been done really well. Eventually the ref gets squished in the corner, which leads to Doring getting a Double Arm DDT for the visual pin. Francine comes in to attack him with here shoe ala WCW in 1996, but Doring no sells it and goes to give her a piledriver. Credible breaks that up, but Doring catches him with a small package for two in another good near fall. Doring makes the mistake of trying to beat Credible with his own Tombstone Piledriver though, which Credible counters to the genuine article for the three count.

RATING: ***1/4

Good Title match for an episode of TV, as Doring got to give a good showing of himself before Credible was able to pounce on a show of inexperience from the challenger to pick up the clean win. Credible gained something from winning whilst Doring also gained something despite losing. All around a darn good piece of business!

We get clips from TNN, as William Corgan Esq tries to play a song for the fans, but Steve Corino, Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT), Scotty Anton and Lou E. Dangerously interrupt. Lou E says Corgan’s music sucks and they draw some good heat in the process. Corgan guitars Lou E for a big pop, but looks to be on the receiving end of a heel beat down until Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lynn make the save. This leads to a tag team death match later on between Corino/Anton and Dreamer/Lynn, where the latter team wins thanks to Corgan.

We get a recap of Doring, Roadkill and Kash defeating the team of CW Anderson, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger at Heatwave 2000 in a good opener. Roadkill is being rewarded for the good performance by getting a match with Rob Van Dam tonight.

Main Event
Roadkill Vs Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso

RVD controls things in the early going with his usual array of flippy moves, with Roadkill looking a bit out of his depth in response if I’m being honest. The match isn’t being built to his impressive big moves like it would be in a tag match with Doring, so he’s kind of out of his element. The fight heads outside, where RVD controls things by getting a spinning leg drop off the apron whilst Roadkill is laid out on the railings.

Roadkill eventually manages to get in some big moves of his own, including a springboard clothesline, but the crowd is more into the idea of RVD regaining control rather than seeing Roadkill do his stuff. This match just strikes me as a bad idea, as Roadkill’s whole appeal is that he’s a big dude who does stuff a big dude normally doesn’t do in tag matches, usually against heels, so getting him to essentially work as subtle heel against one of the top babyfaces kind of goes against everything that gone him over in the first place.

The action itself is fine, and some of the fans are into Roadkill in parts, but his function for most of the crowd is just to play a crash test dummy so that RVD can do all of his cool moves and they only really react when those moves happen. Doring’s match worked much better as it allowed him to work face against a heel and the match told a story of the up and coming tag guy giving the heel Champ a scare, whilst this is really just two faces trading moves with one of them being disproportionately more popular than the other one. RVD eventually picks up the win with the Van Daminator and Frogsplash, with the result never really being in doubt.

RATING: *1/2

This didn’t really do much for Roadkill but the crowd was into RVD at least.

Joey puts Roadkill’s effort over, but he was dispatched pretty easily in the end all things considered.

In Conclusion

That ECW Title match is worth a watch if you like Heel World Champ Vs Plucky Up and Coming Face styled matches, and it took up a pretty big chunk of the show so I’ll give the show itself a mild thumbs up as a result.