They’re just wrong, right?

Hey Scott,

An extension of the question about WWE being the star – why wouldn’t they go back to what’s worked for the better part of four decades?  Who cares if one of their superstars becomes bigger than the brand and then fucks off to greener pastures?  Don’t they still get the rub?  Hogan, Austin, Rock and now Cena all still happily shill for the WWE so it’s not like those guys pretend they were never there.  And for a company that spent forever using formulas that worked (feed Hogan the monster of the month, etc) why do you think they can’t they seem to get out of their own way with this one thing that may actually keep viewers and attract new ones?  It’s not like they can’t repeat this process over and over if they wanted to.

I don't want to try to get into Vince's head, god knows, but I think he felt really burned by Austin and Rock leaving and this whole philosophy is kind of him reacting to that.  I think that's really the driving force behind it for him personally.