The most disrespected MONEY match ever?

I'd have to think Sting/Goldberg is the most sqaundered disrespected big money match ever. This was WCW's Austin/Rock. And yet:

First match is wasted on a random nitro with virtually no build up. During Sting's dreadful red lobster era at that.

Second match was literally thrown on a b ppv last minute with no build up. It didn't even main event.

They're allowed to have interaction in several meaningless multi man matches in late 99.

Russo has Goldberg SQUASH Sting in less than 2 minutes in an unadvertised match as a “shock” on a ppv.

The next night they give away Goldberg/Sting AGAIN on free tv and this time because of shenanigans Goldberg beats Sting in like a fucking minute.

WCW exists for another year and a half after this and no attempt is made to at least try and have an actual program between the two, A heavily hyped PPV match. Nothing. I feel like at some point in those final years of WCW this was a no brainer as a Starrcade
main event right? And yet look what they did with it. Do you think this is the most wasted big match ever?

Not really.  I don't ever remember people clamoring for that one at the time or anything.  In terms of leaving money on the table, you'd have to think that it's still Hogan/Goldberg by a mile because they only did the one match and never ran PPV with it.