DOOM! More Batman: The Brave and the Bold!

Had a request for some more episodes of The Brave and the Bold, which is such an easy show to run through that I’m happy to oblige. Today’s loose theme is the theme of DOOM!

Terror on Dinosaur Island! (by Steven Melching)

Teaser: Batman and Plastic Man hunt the Gentleman Ghost on Dia de los Muertos. Can Plas keep his mind off money long enough to catch him? Good job that Fire is around too!

Main episode: OK, very loose connection here – Gorilla Grodd is the first member of the old Legion of Doom to be the villain in an episode. Plastic Man’s rehabilitation continues from the teaser as they look into Grodd’s scheme to turn people into apes and use dinosaurs as his servants. We get Plastic Man’ origin recapped, as part of Kite Man’s gang, falling into a vat of chemicals that gave him his stretchy abilities. Grodd gets the classic line about wanting to devolve people within a five-hundred mile radius, which would include the Bahamas, the West Indies, “and even… FLORIDA”. It’s a show that’s still finding its way, trying to balance the serious and the comedic, but what it does on either side is pretty decent (the idea of Plas being Batman’s responsibility or burden, Plas disguising himself as a shovel that’s about to be plunged into dung, Plas machine gunning gold and gems).

The Last Patrol! (by J.M. DeMatteis)

Teaser: Killer Moth sets the atlas moth on Batman, who is joined by fangirl Batgirl. Teen Titans mascot Silkie makes a cameo in the background

Main episode: Whatever happened to the Doom Patrol? The Brain and his henchman Monsieur Mallah attack the Chief in their absence, only to be stopped by Batman, who would like to find them as well. Mutant Master has found Elasti-girl, who looks like she’s eaten both Robotman and Negative Man. Negative Man is the main “attraction” at a poorly attended freak show, which unfortunately is also attended by the incredibly cool Animal-Mineral-Vegetable Man. Last is Robotman, now working as a living crash test dummy, who is attacked by the Arsenal, who is frustrated that he won’t fight back. Great casting for Robotman, with professional Mr. Angry Henry Rollins playing him.

Someone is after the Doom Patrol, as per the attackers, but why? And what happened in Paris years ago with General Zahl? This episode gets really dark really quickly as we find out what led them to going their separate ways. Then even darker with cataclysmic events, leading to an optimistic ending. Great episode that’s a one and done, but would’ve loved to have seen more. Any comments on what the live action show is like?

Triumvirate of Terror! (by Paul Giacoppo)

Teaser: With commentary from Jimmy Olsen, the Justice League International battles the Legion of Doom… in a baseball game! The LOD are definitely cheating, so the JLI pull it out for the likes of little Julie Schwartz and Frankie Miller of Gotham City.

Main episode: Struggling against their usual enemies Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, main Legion of Doom villains Joker, Lex Luthor and Cheetah decide to swap targets to try and get the better of them. Wonder Woman even gets a recreation of her old TV show theme tune, as was debuted in her teaser appearance from Scorn of the Star Sapphire! The homages don’t stop there, with the Legion members operating out of the old Darth Vader helmet Hall of Doom.

Joker goes in drag to infiltrate Themiscyra. Cheetah uses Superman’s other weakness, magic, to get the better of him. And another rare appearance for Batman out of costume as Bruce Wayne, with Alfred in the Batcave as well as Lex Luthor, who almost rumbles his secret identity. Decent episode, but I would’ve liked to have seen them attempt the full, bloated Legion of Doom against Super Friends setup with too many people shoehorned into the plot.

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