Samoa Joe is the best

Hey Scott,

Hope you're keeping well.

I was watching Backlash 2020 today (God help me) and just had to point out my favourite bit of the whole show.

AJ Styles does an interview about winning the IC title, and afterwards the announcers are talking about what a great match he had to win it against Daniel Bryan. At this point Joe says “It certainly was a great match, and I hope he has the chance to celebrate
a little bit with his family too.” Then he turns to the camera and gives a little smirk and a sneer, just as a little reminder of their feud a couple of years ago when Joe spent months tormenting AJ about not spending time with his family because he was always
on the road. 

I know it means nothing, will go nowhere and doesn't mean he's coming back anytime soon, but Joe is the best and I'm glad he reminded me of this. Just seemed particularly pertinent after the recent Wrestlewar '89 rant reminded me of Terry Funk's post-commentary
heel turn. 

All the best,


Samoa Joe is indeed a talented performer and sports entertainer.