Stan for Your Brand

Hopefully this email makes it thru the corporate AEW spam filters. I was curious how you compare the viciousness of fans for this current ratings war compared to the first time with WWE vs WCW and even the small one with WWE vs TNA? It seems like this time it mirrors the current political lanscape in the states more than before where you are either a snowflake liberal or a right wing nutcase. Like you can't agree with both sides and you def can't be objective about both, although I feel like the Dems the WWE stans are a bit more willing to fight back against their Supreme Leader. God forgive you criticize AEW you are attacked for being a troll and treated like you are in relationship with your sister.

AEW is even using the Trump method of stoking the hatred to fire up their fanbase with the constant shots at WWE, with the the latest youtube aftershow as evidence. Like whats the purpose of debating on AEW programming why fans watch NXT over them or bitching about why won't WWE acknowledge AEW on their TV. It took years and finally losing in the ratings for WWE to acknowledge WCW. I lean more WWE but I think part of that is cause AEW and their hardcore fans come off like MAGA soldiers. Like AEW has never made bad booking decisions, it's ok for them to take advantage of Florida's stupidity by continuing to film and not really social distance or wear masks, and also no constant jabs for the Khans supporting Trump. I am truly curious on the blogs thoughts on this.

Lots of people criticise AEW for lots of valid reasons.