A cure for ratings woes…

The old expression is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Pro sports are coming back and there’s genuine excitement. My son is ecstatic to watch baseball and basketball again after going months without it. 

So with ratings for WWE in the proverbial toilet and with tons of criticism towards them for their handling of the pandemic and with current stars/champions testing positive… why not take a 4-6 week hiatus after SummerSlam? That section of WWE calendar is traditionally awful anyway. October has HIAC and can they even do that in the performance center.

WWE can run old WrestleManias and famous ppvs in the TV time slots. And then advertise the return and maybe they pop huge ratings.

I know it’s unlikely because Vince gonna Vince, but you think that could help with the ratings woes? 

They've been showing old PPVs and Wrestlemanias on FS1 and drawing shit ratings compared to RAW and Smackdown.  And if you take 4-6 weeks off, people will just find something else to watch and get further out of the habit of watching.  The time for a hiatus was when the pandemic first started, not now that ratings are in freefall and everyone is tuning out for other reasons.