What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – May 20, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are doing commentary and they are wrapping up the tapings from Warrensville, North Carolina.  Very few fans are left facing the hard camera.

Opening Contest:  Boo Bradley (13-4) pins George South after a splash off the top rope at 3:25:

Bradley is facing Killer Kyle in a May Mayhem match at Charlotte Memories, so this once again showcases his talents for the television audience.  South manages to ground Bradley for a short time, but Bradley catches South with a powerslam and his splash off the top ends the bout.

After showing footage of last week’s figure-four challenge between SMW Champion Buddy Landel and Steve Armstrong, Landel does a taped promo in the locker room.  He puts over his vanquishing of Bobby Fulton and Bobby Blayze and says that Armstrong will go down too in Charlotte.

Thatcher interviews Armstrong, who speaks fast and stumbles a lot.  He looks forward to seeing the ladies in Charlotte and promises to end the match by using Landel’s figure-four against him.

Kessler interviews Jim Cornette.  Cornette’s recent heel turn is not reflected on this show because of the taping schedule, so he talks about what the wrestling scene used to be like in Charlotte.  Cornette adds that he is going to be accompanying the THUGS when they face the Gangstas in Charlotte.

Footage of a double chain match between the THUGS and the Gangstas in Johnson City, Tennessee airs.  The THUGS won after heel miscommunication, but the Gangstas beat them up after the bell.  The Gangstas do a taped promo, with a bloody New Jack preaching black supremacy as a counter to the worldview that the THUGS share.  Kessler then talks with the THUGS, with the Dirty White Boy putting over a street fight the teams will have in Charlotte.  A bloodied Tracy Smothers is angry and fired up to face the Gangstas again.

Cage Match:  Ricky Morton (3-2) beats Al Snow (1-2-1) via disqualification when Unabom interferes at 8:00 shown:

This match also took place in Johnson City on May 6 and served as Morton’s return from his neck injury.  As per pre-match stipulations, Robert Gibson is handcuffed to the ring post and so is Unabom, who is sporting his mask.  After showing the opening moments, the rest of the match is clipped.  Snow peels off the neck brace and goes for a piledriver, but Morton blocks, although referee Mark Curtis gets bumped.  Morton hits a piledriver of his own, but the real Unabom comes from underneath the ring and gives Morton a unabomb.  The Dynamic Duo beats up Curtis when he starts getting to his feet and they also prevent any of SMW’s babyfaces from making the save.  Rating:  **

The Rock N’ Roll Express say that they look forward to coming home to Charlotte tonight.  They hype a cage match for the SMW Tag Team Championship against the Dynamic Duo.

Bobby Blayze says that he has been lucky in Smoky Mountain so far and that luck will hold when he faces Dan Severn in Charlotte tonight.

Beat the Champ Television Championship Match:  Bobby Blayze (Champion) (10-2-1) beats Al Snow (w/Unabom) (1-3-1) via disqualification when Unabom interferes at 7:43:

If watching Smoky Mountain teaches you anything, it is that Mark Curtis is a very forgiving man since he appears to have no grudge against the Duo even though they beat him up a few weeks back in Johnson City.  This is Blayze’s second defense of his title and Snow gives him all he can handle, scoring a near-fall from a standing moonsault.  Blayze uses a release German suplex to trigger a comeback and he catches Snow with the Northern Lights suplex, but Unabom breaks it up to cause a disqualification.  Rating:  **¼

The Dynamic Duo try to beat up Blayze, but Curtis gets him out of the ring before a lot of damage is done.

After a commercial break, Thatcher interviews the Duo.  They promise to make the Rock N’ Roll Express a memory in Charlotte because their time has come and gone.

Up Next:  This show featured some good action but Charlotte Memories is just rehashing a lot of the same feuds that were going into Volunteer Slam so there was not a lot of new ground to break here.  The main event would be the last time that the Beat the Champ Television Championship would be defended, as it would never be spoken of again.  That is probably for the best because the promotion does not have enough talent to warrant a second singles title at this time.

Up Next:  Charlotte Memories!