Random Nitro question

Hi Scott,

Bit of a random question but I just watched the 29/01/96 Nitro and then read your review. Regarding the Medusa v Sherri match you wrote 

Madusa lays her out with a german suplex and slaps her around afterwards to continue the wedding angle.  ½*  There was actually all kinds of weirdness with this one, as Sherri basically refused to do the job, so Madusa knocked her out with the post-match suplex in a shoot of sorts, as Sherri wasn’t told it was coming.  Crazy

Watching it, it is brutal. She lands right on her head and seems totally out cold for a few seconds. I just wondered did anything come of it, it was damn dangerous. And was Madusa told to do it by an agent who purposely told her not to tell Sherri as a punishment for not jobbing? Which if that is the case, is seriously over top.

Or was it just ‘because WCW’

Here's the explanation from the Observer, which was apparently a receipt for Sherri from the no-show in Japan we were just talking about in the last Flashback!
“Sherri pinned Madusa in 1:49 (*). Sherri was wearing a short black dress and Madusa came from behind off the top rope on her. This wasn't done as a wrestling match but was simply a way to give the audience panty shots of Sherri. After the match Madusa german suplexed Sherri and beat the hell out of her. There is tremendous heat regarding Sherri and Madusa. Sherri had no idea the german suplex was coming from behind as it wasn't booked in advance, however Madusa did get approval to do it from someone in power but Sherri never got the word and was knocked silly. Sherri didn't want to work with Madusa but her own position has been tenuous since she missed her flight to Japan in November and apparently thought if she refused to do the match she may lose her job. However, she insisted on going over in the match in order to do the match, which explains the result.”