Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #378 – 22/07/2000

Hello You!

Heatwave 2000 is in the books, with Justin Credible managing to hold on to the ECW Title. I wonder who they will find to challenge him next?

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling and maybe we’ll find out?

This week’s matches were taped from The Arena in Philly

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open with clips of Rob Van Dam debuting the Van Terminator at Heatwave

Lou E. Dangerously comes down to the ring with The Blue Boy and Jasmine St. Claire. Blue Boy has apparently lost 120 pounds since his Blue Meanie days according to Joey, which is darn impressive actually. These days people would probably be complaining about it on social media like they have been about Adele. Lou E actually has a blue streak in his hair to show his appreciation for Blue Bout in a nice touch, and then goes one step further by referring to himself as Blue E. Dangerously. That was some cute wordplay to be fair. Blue E and Blue Boy start insulting the crowd, which leads to Jazz coming down and laying a whupping on everyone, with Jasmine even going up for a powerbomb. This was a basic segment designed to pop the crowd and it worked, with Jazz getting a great reaction for her efforts.

Justin Credible can’t be bothered to have a gander at Francine’s flowery baps as he’d rather look at his ECW Title. Cyrus of course is delighted to have a peruse though, because he’s a filthy pig heel. PCO storms over whilst the three conference and demands a match with Credible for the Title. Credible attacks him with the Singapore cane and we would appear to have a match for later.

Opening Match
EZ Money w/ Chris Hamrick Vs Kid Kash

Kash gets a babyface shine until a Hamrick distraction allows Money a way into the bout. This one is fought at a frantic pace, although the timing is off at certain points. Kash gets a jaw dropping flip dive off the top onto the heels on the floor. That looked incredible. The main downside to this one is that at times it looks more like a gymnastics display rather than a fight, which is the line you skirt when you work this style. Do it well then it’s good, but go too far in the other direction then it can look over rehearsed.

Another Hamrick distraction leads to the Buckshot Lariat from Money for two, which leads to Hamrick coming in with a top rope leg drop to give Money another two. They do an incredible finish where Money tries to give Kash a powerbomb from the top rope, but Kash counters it into a rana in mid-air to pick up the three count and blow the roof off the building.


Total spot fest, but some of them were great and the crowd was into the finish

Christian York and Joey Matthews cut a promo backstage. They are hyped up for their ECW debut

We get a medley of promo’s to hype the next match, as the tag teams involved all want to be the next ECW Tag Champs

Match Two
Da Baldies (Spanish Angel and Tony DeVito) Vs The FBI (Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke) w/ Big Sal Vs York and Matthews Vs Nova and Chetti

This one is all action, with six guys on the apron whilst two go at it inside the ring, with everyone getting a chance to come in and hit a move at some stage. York and Matthews give a good first impression, looking young but also reasonably polished. DeVito gets a chance to show off the fact he can actually wrestle too, which wasn’t always the case when he was brawling in hardcore matches every night.

Sal gets involved and Mamaluke dives off his back onto everyone else whilst they are outside the ring, leaving Guido and Matthews as the last two standing inside. Sadly the lone mistake made by the younger debutantes comes in their last act of the bout, as Matthews is supposed to dive off Sal’s back onto Guido before getting the dive countered, but he ends up slipping and they have to do a sloppy Tomikaze to eliminate him and York.

Shame how it ended, but that was a decent debut for the two lads. The action continues with everyone going at it inside the ring, and it’s exciting stuff. Nova gets two rolling piledrivers on Mamaluke before heaving him up into a sit out powerbomb, and that’s enough to eliminate The FBI. Mamaluke sold that powerbomb fantastically, getting all folded up in a brutal manner. Da Baldies and Nova/Chetti close us out, with it basically being a Tornado Match now. Nova and Chetti look to have it won, but The FBI cost them the match and Da Baldies steal it.


Organised crime looks out for itself I guess. This was a good match where everyone got a chance to shine for a bit whilst keeping the ongoing feuds bubbling over in preparation for the eventual return of the tag straps

We should have some decent time left for the Main Event, so let’s see what they deliver.

Main Event
ECW Title
Champ: Justin Credible w/ Francine Vs PCO

I honestly have no memory of PCO’s stint in ECW. He has some terrible shiny silver baggy pants on here. Both men are heels, so neither really gets a shine and it’s not long before they are fighting outside the ring. It’s a decent brawl actually, with PCO taking one of his customary wacky bumps by getting back body dropped into the front row as we take a break.


We’re back with both men fighting in the crowd before heading back to the ring. Credible controls things in there, as I’m guessing that PCO will be working subtle face tonight. He fights back with a sit out choke slam to Credible for two before following up with a modified Michinoku Driver for two. Franny hits PCO with the cane to give Credible a two, as this one has been well worked and they’ve made PCO look like a dangerous opponent.

PCO puts Credible on a table outside the ring and then flips over the top rope down to the floor to put him through it, which gets him a two back inside. PCO tries a somersault senton after that, and Credible kicks out again, as they are clearly making use of the fact that PCO is a non-regular roster member by having Credible kick out of a lot of big moves in order to make him look like a resilient Champion. It’s probably past the point that they could make that work now, but they’re trying at least.

PCO tries to end it with a Tombstone Piledriver, but Credible counters it into one of his own for two. I felt for sure that was going to be the finish actually, it was a well done near fall. Credible gets a table into the ring and sets it up, but he gets shoved to the floor before he can use it and Francine ends up taking a power slam through it from PCO for a big pop. Credit to Franny there, that was one heck of a bump on her part. Credible use the chance to hit PCO with the cane though and follows up with the Tombstone to snatch the win.

RATING: ***1/2

That was a great Main Event, and I’m kind of surprised we didn’t see more of PCO after that because if ever there was a match to earn yourself a job it was that one.

In Conclusion

Good show this week with nothing bad and two strong matches to close out on. Definitely worth a watch, especially that Main Event