Making WWE Great Again

I think I've hit on an idea that'll help Vince make RAW great again. What if they brought in a couple of orientals as a tag team, name them the Wuhan Clan, and have them drink Corona beers before & after matches?

Have them wipe out half the roster. Make then unstoppable until a great American team from the beautiful south, like Florida or Virginia, finally annihilates them. 

 It'd be a beautiful deal for everybody: Vince, WWE, Corona. 

Your pal,


As long as the American team doesn't have to wear masks, because that's against their rights and freedoms, by god!  And in fact, there never was a tag team, it was just a hoax started by the last guy in charge of the company.  

Unless Vince is falling behind in the polls, in which case he supported masks from the start.  Great masks, the likes of which you've never seen before.