Gallows and Anderson

Hey Scott,

Just read the recap from the Gallows and Anderson podcast and I have a question:

If they chose to sign with WWE for 5 over AEW for 2 then how are they not getting paid for the entire length of the contact? How is a guaranteed contract not guaranteed? And what lawyer wouldn’t put some kind of poison pill in there to protect them in case things went south?

Also real interesting to read that Paul Heyman had more stroke in the situation than Vince McMahon. Poor Vince wanted to keep them but he had no choice! I hope at the very least HHH sends them both nice Christmas cards this year.

Vince has been doing that shit for years and guys are still falling for it.  JR used to be his fall guy (“Oh, I don't know what happened, PAL.  I wanted to give you a big push but that damn JR just doesn't like you!”) but now I guess it's Heyman or Levesque.  
As for the contracts, guys in WWE have to sign these incredibly one-sided contracts where you're basically in servitude to the company for 5 years and any deviation extends the contract, but WWE can cut you whenever they want for whatever they want.  In retrospect, yeah, they should have signed with AEW, but they wanted financial stability and no one could have predicted the dire financial straits that WWE would find itself in this year!