Favorite Mr. Show sketches

Since you're now on a Mr. Show kick, I'll ask: what are some of your favorite sketches from that show? I've always been partial to the “F.F. Woodycooks” skit (based off a real ex-cop from Chicago, J.J. Bittenbauer), the “Hail Satan network” skit (Bob Odenkirk's singing is tremendous), and my personal favorite, “Wyckyd Sceptre.”

Wyckyd Scyptre was actually the one that hooked me on the show way back in the day, as I came across it on whatever channel was showing it late at night up here and I just about died laughing.  But yeah, Hail Satan (“the doctor says I'm very lazy…), the Pre-Taped Call-In Show (one of the biggest mindfuck high-concept sketches in comedy history), The Story of The Story of Everest, We're Gonna Blow Up The Moon…just so many great ones.  Even the low key running gags like Mayo-Mustard (which is actually a thing that exists now!) are memorable and hilarious.  Honorable mention to the dueling Scams and Flams reporters trying to out each other.  I can legit watch them over and over and find new stuff to laugh at every time.