Daily News Update – July 22, 2020

Good morning!  To close out the headphone saga that I talked about a couple of days ago, I pre-emptively filed a claim with PayPal and the scam company immediately refunded me my $20.  If I wanted to get cheap knockoff product, I can do that from much more reputable sources.

Oh man, I’ve been going down the Mr. Show rabbit hole on Crave here on vacation and I completely forgot how insanely tight season 3 is.  They were just hitting it out of the park segment after segment.  The East-West Ventriloquist wars episode is a monster.  Also the killer roller coaster where no one can figure out why hundreds of people are dead.

Vince McMahon Changed Extreme Rules Ending


Two Extreme Rules Title Rematches Set For Next Week


TNA Wrestling May Be Returning Full Time