Worst Year as Champion

I know there’s been some debate about where Braun Strowman ranks amongst the worst WWE Champions ever.  I would actually even put him below Jinder Mahal because at least with Jinder you could get a little entertainment out of the Singh Brothers bumping around the arena like pinballs.

But I think the standard bearer for a long term awful champion might still be Triple H in 2003.  Just looking back at his PPVs from that year…

– Royal Rumble: Beat Scott Steiner in historically terrible match.

– No Way Out: Beat Scott Steiner in terrible rematch.

– WrestleMania: Buried Booker T.

– Backlash: Beat Kevin Nash in 6-man tag to… Set Nash up as No. 1 Contender?

– Judgment Day: DQ finish against Kevin Nash.

– Bad Blood: Beat Kevin Nash in Hell in a Cell where the referee worked harder than the wrestlers.

– SummerSlam: Wins Elimination Chamber while only in the match for about 90 seconds.

– Unforgiven: Finally drops title to Goldberg.

– Survivor Series: Loses overbooked rematch to Goldberg.

– Armageddon: Wins title back from Goldberg.

Has there ever been anyone who spent a worse full year on top than this year from Triple H?

HHH at least had real matches and was a credible champion because he was booked as the undisputed top guy.  Braun's the Universal champion and I don't even think he's considered the biggest star on his own show.  And two of his title defenses this year on PPV have involved “matches” with Bray Wyatt that had to be pre-taped to insert special effects.  Braun is seriously one of the worst ever at this point.