Magnum vs Tully

Do you think if you take the magnum vs tully I quit match and leave it the same but bill it as an “eye for an eye” match where you can only win by taking your opponents eye, is it still as good?

Just to be clear I think that was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in pro wrestling. Just curious on your opinion of this. Thanks!

The eye spot in the Eye Quit match was only the last one, it's not like they were going for the eye for the entire match.  That was done as the nuclear option for TA, after he had been pushed to the limit by Tully because he just wouldn't quit no matter how badly he got beat up.  That's why it worked so well, because they spent the whole match doing horrible stuff to each other and then it's like “Well, nothing else worked, might as well jam a wooden stake into his eye because we've come this far already”.