Daily News Update – July 20, 2020

Happy birthday to my wife!

I finally got a chance to read the amazing Superman/Batman Generations series by John Byrne this weekend after somehow not being aware of it for 20 years, and holy crap why can’t John just do Superman comics forever?  To say that his original Man of Steel mini-series in 87 was one of the most influential moments for me as a comics fan would be a massive understatement, as it basically made me a lifelong Superman fan and I collected Byrne’s entire run on Action and Superman before his relationship with DC went south.  Anyway, Generations is so great and so imaginative, the kind of fun throwback to the Silver Age that I’ve been wanting for so long, and I’m hoping we get a volume 4 someday.  Apparently there’s a hardcover trade coming next year and it’s well worth picking up when it comes out.

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DATELINE:  #NaomiDeservesBetter Trends During Smackdown


Dude, lots of people in WWE deserve better.  At least she didn’t get fired along with everyone else.  Oh no, she’s doing jobs on national TV and still getting paid?  Boo-friggin’-hoo for her.