A Quick Plus / Reminder for Posting to the Blog When you’re Back

For all the Switch owners out there, the Switch Online service recently updated with a few new SNES games.

Ignore all the 90s kids playing Donkey Kong Country.

The real hotness is Natsume Championship Wrestling.

Until you realise that it's a (very, very slight) reskinned version of the first AJPW game for the SNES.  Which is / was the closest thing to a domestically-released Fire Pro game (they use a very similar grappling system) we got until the GBA was released in 2001.

And while Nintendo's released a few Japanese-only SNES games, I doubt we'll ever get SFPWXP on the service.

So there you go, your $20 (or whatever it costs per year) justified in one shot.

$20 a YEAR?  I wish.  It's $6 per MONTH Canadian. But yeah, basically having the NES and SNES Classics built into the Switch as a result makes it totally worth the money anyway.