Stupid question about the demo’s

Hey Scott,

  Being that NXT has had more overall viewers the last few weeks, yet AEW has has more of the “key demo” doesn't that mean that the “key demo” isn't as key as they say?

  What I'm trying to ask is why does one fraction of the audience matter more than the others shouldn't it be total viewers?

  If advertizing companies look at how many people of other age and gender groups are watching a certain show, why don't they just shift out what commercials they show?

  I admit I don't understand any of the way it works, that's why I'm looking for some knowledge.
The 18-49 demo is literally the only segment of the audience that advertisers care about.  The idea is that people under 18 don't have buying power for the big stuff (cars, I'd guess) and people over 50 won't spend for big stuff, so there's no point in advertising to them.  It's an interesting stat when NXT wins over 50, but they might as well not have anyone watching at all if that's their whole audience.  The total viewers is an easy talking point but it's the demo that has always really mattered.  That being said, RAW and Smackdown have both been dropping in the key demos as much as their total viewers have been dropping, so it's still a totally valid thing to talk about with them.