Sebastian Bach vs Chris Jericho

Not sure if you've heard, but there's a feud escalating rapidly between Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho.

Bach is accusing Jericho of lip-syncing with his band Fozzy and Jericho's denying it. Jericho re-tweeted an image showing Fozzy has 591,900 monthly listens compared to Bach's 51,478 on Spotify. Fozzy's guitarist has blocked Bach on twitter.

Bach as usual, has become unhinged and is arguing with multiple people on twitter.

The blabbermouth links show all these tweets.

Come on, you have to love Sebastian holding out as the last bastion of stupid rock god excess when even Axl Rose has somewhat mellowed out over the years.  I'm of course an unabashed huge fan of Skid Row from my high school years, but I'm pretty sure Bach is just doing this shit for attention and apparently it's working.