Odds Roman never returns? Then what?

Seeing as America is a total mess on Covid, Roman's decision to stay home was very wise, especially in light of WWE's failure to protect their talent. As the virus is still changing and long term effects might be worse than currently expected, what do you think the odds are Roman is done simply to protect himself from any risk of exposure given the nature of his job? 

If he does not return, who do you think is getting the rocket push to replace him? Obviously the WWE will go on, but do you think there will be any serious long term ramifications for Roman's career being cut tremendously short?

I think we're seeing the main backlash now, in that they spent years putting all their eggs into the Roman and Brock baskets and now they're both gone and unlikely to return anytime soon.  And ratings have taken a nosedive.  Really, Roman is not like a “once in a lifetime” talent like Cena or Rock, though.  He can be replaced, and probably should have been phased down pretty soon anyway with people like Keith Lee and Karrion Kross about to need room to move.  It'll be a short-term pain but Roman is better off going to Hollywood at this point in his career anyway.