Impact Wrestling – July 14, 2020

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 14, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

It’s the go home show for Slammiversary and that’s actually a pretty nice feeling for once. The shows building towards the pay per view have been well done and if they manage to make it work this time, we could be in for a heck of a show on Saturday. Yeah Saturday, as almost everyone outside of WWE has changed up their pay per view schedule in a pretty smart move. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Rosemary/Kiera Hogan/Tasha Steelz/Kimber Lee/Taya Valkyrie vs. Alisha Edwards/Kylie Rae/Susie/Nevaeh/Havok

Steelz is taken into the corner to start with Havok and Nevaeh starting with the rapid fire double teaming. Lee gets kicked to the floor as the villains are all sent outside early on. That means a big beatdown of Nevaeh, with Susie hitting the flip dive from the apron. Havok tosses Alisha onto the pile and Havok adds the suicide dive. Taya cuts off Rae’s dive though and it’s Kylie getting beaten down for a change.

Rosemary’s bicycle kick into a German suplex from Taya gets two. Taya adds the running knees in the corner as Josh is WAY too excited about the state of the Knockouts division, with Madison having to tone him down. Steelz sends Rae right back into the corner to cut off a comeback bid and it’s Lee coming in for a chinlock. Back from a break with Rae ducking a right hand and diving over for the tag to Susie, which commentary completely ignores. Everything breaks down into the parade of secondary finishers until Rae superkicks Lee into Susie’s Panic Switch for the pin at 13:11.

Rating: C. There’s only so much that you can get out of a match like this but it’s about as good of a preview as you can have for the gauntlet match. There are several options for the win and that could make for some interesting stuff on Saturday. The wrestling was fine enough and there wasn’t much of a point here other than having most of the participants out there.

Post match Susie seems to twitch a bit, but everything breaks down into another big brawl until Kylie stands tall.

Here’s your preview for tonight and Sunday.

Madman Fulton and Ace Austin are in Dayton, Ohio, with Fulton not being happy about being back in OVE territory. Ace says if there is one thing he has learned in his five years in wrestling, it’s that you have to go back to where you started.

Hernandez and Rhino have been arm wrestling around the arena for over a week.

Moose tries to recruit Hernandez and Rhino to be his partner tonight and costs Hernandez the win. Hernandez wants to fight Rhino outside and that’s an easy yes.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Chris Sabin wins Ultimate X at Slammiversary 2013.

XXXL vs. Deaners

Points for the cameras shaking during XXXL’s entrance. Josh likes the idea of hunting, fishing and roasting marshmallows at the Deaner compound. Madison: “….you need to stop.” Jake and Larry collide to start with Jake popping up from the shoulder and getting in a slam. Cody is slammed onto Larry for two but Larry forearms his way over to Acey for the tag. A running clothesline gives Acey two and there’s the Pounce to send Jake into the corner. Larry kicks Cody down into a powerbomb but Jake makes a blind tag and steals the pin at 3:22.

Rating: D+. Well that happened and there isn’t much else to be said about something like this. Again, the tag teams seem to be trading wins back and forth and no one is really gaining anything. It wasn’t a good match or anything either, though XXXL looked decent enough in a short form.

Post match XXXL lays out Jake with a Demolition Decapitator, seemingly turning heel.

Moose asks Rohit Raju to be his partner tonight. Raju agrees, even though he’s the final option.

Johnny Swinger tells Chris Bey that he’s going to straighten things out with management. Swinger goes to the referee, saying that he’s been talking to Cancel Culture (must be taped out of order) and they think he’s a qualified emotional support companion.

Video on Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey for the X-Division Title at Slammiversary.

Bey hits on Gia Miller and calls Swinger, who of course is outside, an idiot. Swinger says the office won’t budge and Bey is on his own at Slammiversary.

Video on Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace.

We get a sitdown face to face interview with Purrazzo and Grace. Purrazzo signs the contract but pauses Grace to tell her what she’s getting into on Saturday. Grace signs and says Purrazzo doesn’t know what she’s into right now. Grace knocks her down and leaves.

Video on Ken Shamrock/Sami Callihan vs. the North.

Shamrock and Callihan know they don’t trust each other but they could win some gold. Callihan is likely to turn on Shamrock anyway, so Shamrock promises to break his neck for trying.

Moose/Rohit Raju vs. Tommy Dreamer/Crazzy Steve

Even commentary points out that Raju is always standing around backstage with nothing to do. Dreamer headlocks Raju to start but gets driven into the corner for trying a hammerlock. A suplex drops Raju though and it’s off to Steve, who gets slammed head first into the mat. Moose comes in for the fall away slam but misses the spear into the corner.

It’s back to Dreamer to lose a slugout as everything breaks down. Raju breaks up Dreamer’s dive and hands it back to Moose to hammer away. Dreamer punches Moose out of the air though and grabs a DDT. The double tag brings in Steve and Raju as the pace picks up a good bit. Everything breaks down again and Raju knees Steve in the face. Steve is right back up with a middle rope DDT to finish Raju at 6:14.

Rating: D+. Another match that was just kind of there as it seems they are scraping the bottom of the barrel of whatever they have left from the taping cycle. That is also true of Dreamer, who somehow gets a pretty big time pay per view match when you have how many people on the roster without much to do?

Austin and Fulton get to the gym in Dayton.

Rhino and Hernandez meet in the parking lot with Rhino wanting the money he won in the arm wrestling. Rhino kicks him low and chokes against a production truck but Hernandez throws something at him and gets in a few shots. A trashcan and a traffic cone are brought in and Rhino hammers away (seemingly at the camera in one shot as we’re in Cinematic Mode). Eventually they’re both spent and agree to split the money.

We recap the World Title situation, with the triple threat match being set up to crown a new champion. This is the same video package we saw last week, or at least really close to it.

Austin and Fulton train, while Austin talks about becoming the World Champion on Saturday. Slammiversary isn’t about the mystery opponent or Edwards or Trey. It’s about Austin becoming the youngest World Champion of all time.

A new Slammiversary vignette suggests three people returning.

Eddie Edwards talks about everyone being different. Everything in his career has led him to Slammiversary, starting with his training at Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school. He was born to be the World Champion and now he’s back here for a reason. Eddie has fought through everything to be here and he has no choice but to win the title.

Slammiversary rundown.

Trey and Wentz sneak into the Dayton gym while Austin is lecturing in the ring. A trashcan shot staggers Fulton and they lock him in a closet. Trey and Ace get in a fight with Trey shoving him over a chair and hammering away. Ace sends him into a wall though and hits him with a broom, followed by a chair to the back. Trey gets in a crotching on the barricade and slugs away some more but Fulton is back up. Wentz returns with a barbed wire chair and the villains bail to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. This was a case where they could only do so much with what they had. They didn’t have much left to pull from so they probably had to film some stuff at the last minute. It worked as well as it could have given the circumstances, but it’s a shame that they had to hit a speed bump on the way to Slammiversary. I’m curious about what they’re going to have next week, but Slammiversary still looks good.


Kylie Rae/Susie/Nevaeh/Havok/Alisha Edwards b. Tasha Steelz/Kimber Lee/Kiera Hogan/Taya Valkyrie/Rosemary – Panic Switch to Lee

Deaners b. XXXL – Rollup to Larry

Crazzy Steve/Tommy Dreamer b. Rohit Raju/Moose – Middle rope DDT to Raju


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