The ESSENTIAL Thursday Night Thread: July 15, 2020

Early returns are that the Northeast looks to have figured out how to do outdoor shows on a budget.  (That method: make everyone wear a mask, expand ringside to promote social distancing, and put the workers on the honor system.  Well, two out of three, right?)

If this holds up, who knows?  We could slowly see things come around.

Throw in good news on the Oxford vaccine front and US manufacturers mass producing in case their human trials work, and there is a light at the end of this long, boring tunnel.  Assuming you follow the science.

But enough real world, let’s escape with some fun indie matches from days gone by!

We start with what could be a future AEW match (and a match that resembles a past AEW trios showcase) as Sexy Chuckie T teams with Orange Cassidy to face EYFBO, aka Proud and Powerful!  So Orange — what do you think about featuring this match?

Cool, thanks!  Up next, former TNA Women’s Champion Sienna faces Maria Manic!

I need to feature more lucha, so here’s some lucha for you!  Zeuxis – yes, the one from the Mae Young Classic – faces Lady Apache, a member by marriage of the great Apache lucha clan!

AEW meets TNA once again as Penelope Ford takes on Kimber Lee!

When even Arn Anderson mentions someone as a potential TNT Title contender, we listen.  Some of you have asked about Warhorse.  Well, here’s a sample of his work as he faces Myron Reed!

And to round it out, we put the two big promotions against each other as WWE faces New Japan!  It’s Keith Lee and Zack Sabre Jr!

Bring the insanity, everyone!