Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #377 – 15/07/2000

Hello You!

It’s the go-home show for Heatwave 2000 today. I should have that show up tomorrow as well, so keep a look out for it.

Will ECW have any last big angles to pump us up for the pay per view? Let’s watch on and find out!

This week’s matches are taped from Poughkeepsie, New York

Calling the action is Joey Styles

Joey is in front of the ECW Banner, where he hypes up Heatwave 2000

Cyrus is outside the building with Rhino. Cyrus openly states that Raven (Rhino’s opponent) is leaving ECW for the WWF soon, whilst Rhino dares him to try and kick his backside

Francine and Justin Credible cut a promo backstage. Credible is looking pretty worse for wear, with bruises under his eye and his jaw looking swollen. He says it’s worth it for the ECW Title. Aw bless, Credible is trying SO HARD to get this Title reign over and it just isn’t working,

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger are in the ring with The Prodigy, Prodigette and Mitch. Simon says he has a problem, which is that they are still carrying some excess baggage. Mitch, Prodigette and Prodigy all get a dressing down, which leads to them attacking Simon and Swinger to start an impromptu match

Opening Match
Simon and Swinger Vs The Prodigy and Prodigette

The lackeys get a bit of a shine on their overbearing bosses for a bit, but Swinger ends up cheap shotting Prodigette to cut her off for the heat. She sells it pretty well (although her hitting of the ropes leaves a bit to be desired) whilst Simon and Swinger do some nice tag stuff.

Prodigette manages to catch both heels in the nether regions before making the hot tag to Prodigy, who does a solid hot tag segment. Mitch grabs hold of Swinger’s ankle, which allows Prodigette to go up for a moonsault on Simon. Swinger gets free just in time to break up the pin and The Problem Solver finishes Prodigette right after.

RATING: *1/2

Not bad for what it was, as the heels get a clean win but the faces get to look gutsy

Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck are in a boat in a car park somewhere. Minister does a song to hype up Heatwave until the boat sets on fire and they both laugh histerically. That was great

We get clips from the ECW Arena of Rhino destroying Raven until The Sandman of all people runs down for the rescue. The Sandman’s wife Lori even makes an appearance to attack Cyrus, whilst wearing a neck brace. Meanwhile, Anton locks Raven in The Sharpshooter again outside the ring

We get a Heatwave run down

We have Justin Credible Vs Tommy Dreamer in a barbed wire ladder match, Rhino Vs Sandman, Scotty Anton Vs Rob Van Dam, Steve Corino Vs Jerry Lynn and a six man tag of CW Anderson, Simon & Swinger Vs Kid Kash, Danny Doring & Roadkill

The FBI of Guido Maritato, Tony Mamaluke and Big Sal have a promo segment backstage. They’re facing Nova, Chetti and Chilly Willy later on

Match Two
CW Anderson w/ Elektra Vs Kid Kash

Kash is apparently on a 4 month undefeated streak according to Joey. I’m not sure if that’s exactly true but he has had some good results lately, so it’s not a massive stretch I guess. Elektra slaps Kash before the match starts, allowing CW to attack him whilst he’s distracted. Kash fights back though and sends CW to the floor, where he follows with a nice rana and sends CW back in for a springboard clothesline, which gets two.

Elektra throws in a chair and CW suplexes Kash onto it to cut him off so he can start working some heat. CW’s moves are tightly executed, have a nice snap to them and Kash sells them well, so the heat remains interesting with very little resting. The crowd are into it and get on Elektra’s case by suggesting less than flattering things about her.

CW looks like he’s going to try a superplex, but Kash hits him right in the Ole’s before making a comeback with a swinging rana and spinning wheel kick. Simon and Swinger come down to assist CW whilst Elektra distracts Kash, but he kicks away at her and then dives out onto Simon and Swinger. Kash heads back in with a sunset flip, but CW holds onto the ropes to pick up the cheap win.


Decent match there that built some heat up for the six man tag at Heatwave

The heels try a beat down but Danny Doring and Roadkill make the save

The FBI make their way down to the ring for a match with Nova, Chetti and Willy

Gary Wolfe is cutting a promo in the toilets, but it sounds like two people are in a cubicle. It turns out it’s a new slim downed Blue Meanie with Jasmin St Claire. Meanie says he’s now just The Blue Boy (And he’s looking a bit like late 90’s era Dominik Diamond actually, except Dom didn’t have blue hair. Maybe this means he’ll end the episode by marrying Whigfield?). Blue Boys new thing is that he calls everyone fat and he goes as far to insult Gary’s wife. Gary looks like he’s going to beat him up, but Jasmine hits him low and they make a break for it.

Match Three
The FBI Vs Nova, Chris Chetti and Chilly Willy

Icy Wang strikes me as an unusual partner for these two, but I’m sure they’ll make it work. Nova and Chetti were pretty much at their peak of being a team here, as they were having their best matches and had their team chemistry down. Mamaluke is ludicrously skinny compared to everyone else in this one but he moves around great and takes some fantastic bumps.

Sal gets to come in and do some big man spots, before grabbing a mic and challenging Willy to a dance contest. However, it’s all a ruse as Sal attacks Willy when he tries to do his dance. The faces pepper away at Sal with punches in response and that leads to Nova and Chetti diving out onto Guido and Mamaluke. Sal manages to crush Willy in the corner though, which not surprisingly is the cut off.

The fans spend a large chunk of the heat chanting for Balls Mahoney as a result of Sal taking Balls out on a previous edition of the show. Willy sells the heat pretty well and it seems like Guido and Mamaluke are starting to gell a bit as a tandem. Guido and Mamaluke do the lion’s share of the work in the heat for obvious reasons, with Sal only coming in for the occasional big move so as to avoid getting too blown up. Sal actually heads to the second rope for a big splash, but Willy manages to dodge it and makes the hot tag to Chetti, who does a nice segment with the two smaller guys on The FBI team.

Things break down following that, with everyone going at it in the ring. Nova and Chetti actually manage to bump Sal with a flurry of punches, which doesn’t get the pop you’d think it would in all honesty after Sal had been booked so strong, and that leads to them finishing Mamaluke with The Tidal Wave for the three count.


That was fine with some good stuff in it

Rob Van Dam cuts a promo backstage, promising the debut of the Van Terminator. But hang on, I though Shane McMahon invented that move. I call shenanigans sir! Next you’ll be telling me that Stephanie McMahon didn’t invented women’s wrestling or something…

Main Event
ECW TV Title
Champ: Rhino w/ Cyrus Vs Raven

We have about three minutes left on the show, so I don’t think this one is going pretty long to be honest, which is a shame as I really enjoyed the match these two had in 2001 for the WWF where Rhino ended up GOREing a shopping trolley.

Raven tries to elude Rhino by hitting and moving whilst also trying to get quick pins with roll ups and pining holds, but Rhino shrugs that off and gets a powerslam for two.

Raven manages to catch Rhino with a DDT, but Rhino kicks out at two and then flattens Raven with a GORE for the super quick clean pin fall victory.


This was all about giving Rhino the rub by beating Raven seeing as Raven was soon going to be leaving. It makes sense I suppose but it also feels like a waste of a talented guy in a company that had a bit of a talent dearth

Rhino celebrates with his belt and we’re out

In Conclusion

Strangely last week was almost a better go-home show than this one, as this was less about the hard sell and felt more like a regular episode of the show. They have built Heatwave well overall though, to the point that I’m actually looking forward to watching it again, so they’ve done their job this time.

See you all tomorrow for the Heatwave 2000 review!