WWF 97

Hey Scott. Hope all is well.

Been going through 97 Raws and PPV’s on the network. And I know that the ratings didn’t reflect it at the time, but man, there’s a lot of good stuff there. Stone Cold. Bret Hart’s heel run and the Hart Foundation. The Rock’s heel turn. Mankind vs HHH’s first feud. The formation of DX. Just lots of good stuff here.

So two questions:

1. Do you find 97 WWF to be a little underrated?

2. I know attendance went up while ratings stayed the same. Was this a case of being more entertaining to your own fans but nothing to really pull in new fans?

Oh man I can go all sales management training here!  Attendance figures in wrestling are a “lead measure” in that they are immediately impacted by positive or negative changes and show right away.  Ratings are a “lag measure” because they respond to the changes later on. The first one predicts the second one.