Taker at “Survivor Series, 2020”

I know that not everyone wants to see Taker have another match, but I feel like everything is just too perfectly aligned to not do it. It'll be his thirtieth anniversary in the company, it can be marketed ahead of time as his final match (instead of leaving it open-ended), and – probably most importantly – it can be a traditional four-on-four or five-on-five match in order to minimize the amount of work that Taker has to do.

And there are a ton of ways to go with it. In my head, I see it as Taker teaming with some of the newer big guys against a group of long-time enemies. Something like Taker, Mcintyre, Strowman, Reigns, and Keith Lee against Brock, Kane, Trips, Shawn, and Show.

Or do the inverse, a team of legends like Taker, Kane, Trips, Shawn, and Show against some newer heels. Or older heels. Maybe just let Taker pick who he wants.

How about a way to put NXT and/or smaller guys over? Styles recruits “Undisputed Era”, so Taker recruits Bryan, Gargano, Ciampa, and Dunne? Should newer main-eventers like Rollins and Fiend be involved? How about people a rung below that, like Black and Riddle? Maybe Karrion Kross?

Thoughts or ideas?
Dude, he JUST announced his retirement.  You think he's coming back for another shitty empty arena PPV at the PC?