Daily News Update – July 14, 2020

I wonder if Chuck Woolery is Vince McMahon’s medical advisor for the tapings?


DATELINE:  Tommaso Ciampa Gets Bad News From NXT


DATELINE:  Naomi Refers To SmackDown Segment As “Chicken S***”



Also, I’m sad to learn that DC is discontinuing the 100 Page Giants AND the Dollar Comics because those were some of my last vestiges of comic collecting when I would stop by the local shop with a bit of money in my pocket.  For $5 you were basically guaranteed SOMETHING you’d like, especially off the wall ones like the “Ghosts” special.  Much like WWE, it feels like they’re back to making the hobby less accessible instead of more accessible and trying to squeeze more blood from the dwindling readership instead of making new fans.  Also, why is it so damn hard to find copies of SuperFriends?  I got Season 1/Volume 1 with no problems, but all the stuff after that is seemingly out of print and has wait times of a month or more to get it from Amazon.  Are they on that DC Universe service that’s probably never coming to anywhere but the US?

Anyway, have a great Tuesday.