NJPW/The Bullet Club invade WWE?

Some questions revolving around the same general idea:

  1. Lets say WWE and NJPW formed some sort of partnership. What do you think would have drawn more: a Bullet Club invasion or an outright NJPW invasion. Basically focusing on The Bullet Club alone when they were at their peak from what 2015-17 might be more
    focused and streamlined and nWo like, but if they went with NJPW the entire organization as the “invaders” you obviously get a LOT more talent to lead the charge as it were and it will be a BIGGER invasion obviously but risk it being a bit less focused and
    tougher to book because there's now SO many people potentially involved. I hope this question makes sense.

         2.Do you think this would have reversed WWE's ratings woes?


They're mostly two different audiences, so no, a New Japan invasion wouldn't have worked.  AJ is a huge star and was able to get over instantly, but while having him and the Club and Nakamura do an “invasion” might have freshened things up a bit and sold some merch, it wasn't going to move the needle for ratings.