Monday Night Raw – July 13, 2020

Monday Night Raw
Date: July 13, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe

It’s the go home show for Extreme Rules and I think I can safely say thank goodness for that. In other words, it’s the last week that we need to act like Dolph Ziggler matters as a main event player of any kind in 2020, but also hopefully the last week of WWE sleepwalking through their television, as the Summerslam build can begin. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with the VIP Lounge. He’s looking forward to Extreme Rules and his guest tonight has a big role at that show. This brings out Dolph Ziggler, and we see a clip of the Heath Slater mini saga from last week. Ziggler likes the lounge and they trade ideas of how to get into Drew McIntyre’s head. It isn’t hard to turn McIntyre into the one who got fired because Ziggler picked him up off the ground and made him the man he is today.

McIntyre has yet to thank Ziggler so MVP does it for him. Cue McIntyre, who doesn’t like all of the sucking up around here. He has come to the conclusion that Ziggler used people. Ziggler has used Big E. and Mandy Rose but he and McIntyre were never friends. On Sunday, Drew is going to take him apart and punish him. McIntyre wants to fight right now and headbutts Ziggler down. Now can we please be done with Ziggler tonight?

Andrade, Angel Garza and Zelina Vega say they’re awesome and have the Street Profits running scared. Charly Caruso is beneath Vega but Garza pulls out a rose. Before he can give that to anyone though, the Viking Raiders pop up to accuse them of dishonoring the Street Profits. Ivar takes the rose and gives it to Charly, who seems to appreciate the gift. Garza, not so much.

Andrade/Angel Garza vs. Viking Raiders

Elimination rules and Vega is here as well. Garza and Andrade jump Erik to start and it’s Ivar getting beaten into the corner. Garza TAKES OFF HIS PANTS but the delay lets Ivar bring Erik in. The Hammer of Thor gets two on Garza with Andrade making the save. A superkick staggers Erik though and Andrade comes in for the running knees in the corner. Garza takes out Ivar and the hammerlock DDT gets rid of Erik at 2:35.

Back from a break with Garza kicking Ivar to the floor and Andrade reluctantly praising him for it. The delay lets Ivar dive onto both of them but Garza grabs a small package for two back inside. A heck of a right hand drops Garza and a big clothesline does it again. Andrade tags himself in to save Garza from a powerslam but Ivar kicks him in the head for the pin at 7:58.

So it’s Garza vs. Ivar, with the former dropkicking him down. The Wing Clipper is broken up and Ivar sits on his chest out of the corner. Another spinning kick to the face gets two with Andrade putting the foot on the rope. Garza counters another seated senton out of the corner into a powerbomb and pulls the trunks for the pin at 9:23.

Rating: C-. There was little need for this to be under elimination rules, as having Andrade and Garza get a fall on the Raiders in less than three minutes gave you all of the impact that they needed. That being said, it made sense as they needed to fill in time, which is something that has to happen almost every week these days.

The IIconics laugh at Ruby Riott for not having a partner tonight but Bianca Belair comes in and explains the EST of WWE name. She does the three claps and Ruby Riott does the same, saying “what she said.”

IIconics vs. Ruby Riott/Bianca Belair

Billie’s face cringe when Belair comes out is good. Ruby and Peyton start but a Billie distraction lets Peyton get in a cheap shot. Ruby rolls her up twice in a row for two until Kay comes in off a blind tag and gets two off a big boot. Peyton’s spinwheel kick gets two but Billie gets kicked away, allowing the hot tag to Belair. House is cleaned and a handspring moonsault gets two on Billie with Peyton making the save. Peyton and Ruby fight on the floor and the KOD finishes Billie at 3:23.

Rating: D+. This was nothing but a showcase for Belair and that is long overdue. I’m so glad that they brought her up, featured her up for two weeks, and then put her on the sidelines for the sake of the Viking Profits stuff. Belair is WAY easier to watch as a face too, which is almost shocking as she seems as natural of a heel as you can have.

R-Truth congratulates Ricochet for being named MVP of Raw, but it’s really Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley with MVP in his corner. Truth says Ric Flair has challenged him but Cedric Alexander corrects him by saying Flair challenged him to face Randy Orton tonight instead. That means Truth needs something new so he walks over to Akira Tozawa, who he needs to teach him to be a black belt in about ten minutes. Tozawa says no, which brings in the Ninjas. Ricochet and Cedric pop in for their own martial arts poses, including Ricochet in a crane kick pose. Truth wants a match with Tozawa in the ring right now.

24/7 Title: R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa

Truth is defending but doesn’t like the idea of all these ninjas. Cue Shayna Baszler of all people to clear out the Ninjas, with Tozawa leaving before he gets beaten down. Baszler turns to face Truth, who will let himself out. No match.

Baszler sticks around to say she’s tired of waiting around. All these Women’s Champions have no idea what it means to be tough so the Queen of Spades is here to hit them with a hard dose of reality. It wasn’t the most original promo, but it’s better than having Baszler sit around for weeks on end.

We look back at the setup for the Eye For An Eye match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins.

Murphy and Rollins are in the back and Rollins asks Murphy what is wrong. Murphy is worried about the stipulation but Rollins says to focus on his match with Aleister Black tonight. Rollins has a message to deliver.

Here’s Rollins with said message. He keeps saying the name of the match and that he knows what it means before asking how we got to this point. All he is trying to do is lead Raw to a brighter future and Mysterio won’t do his part for the greater good. How could WWE sanction such a match? Rollins needs everyone to understand that he never meant to harm Mysterio. All he wanted to do was fulfill his prophecy, which came from the WWE Universe.

They wanted him to lead WWE into the future and that is what he is doing. After Sunday, Rey will no longer be able to see his son get married or watch a sunset with his wife. Cue Kevin Owens, who isn’t sorry for interrupting. Last week when Owens came up with the idea of either Rollins or Mysterio picking the stipulation, he was expecting a last man standing match or a cage match. Now someone is going to lose an eye, so he has a present for Rollins from Jean-Pierre LaFitte: an eye patch. Rollins calls Murphy out here now but Aleister Black cuts him off and the fight is on as we take a break.

Aleister Black vs. Murphy

Joined in progress with Rollins and Owens at ringside. Murphy kicks him down into the corner until Black kicks him out of the air for a double knockdown. There’s a running knee to Murphy’s face, followed by a jumping knee to the face for two more. Black Mass is broken up with a shot to the knee but Black kicks him out to the apron without much effort. Murphy tries a suplex to the floor but gets hit with Black Mass. Rollins breaks up the cover for the DQ at 4:25.

Rating: C+. This wasn’t up to their usual standard but what are you expecting in a five minute match? Rollins cheating is a fine enough ending, though I could go with Black getting a few more clean wins. Murphy needs one more, as he may be a lackey, but he’s a rather talented lackey. Then again this story hasn’t exactly been kind to most so it isn’t the biggest surprise.

Post match Owens chases Rollins into the ring and here are Rey Mysterio and Dominick to surround him even further.

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

It’s a near lumberjack match here with several people at ringside. Rollins tries to bail to the floor to start but then comes back in to get kicked in the leg. Owens stomps away so Rollins begs off and gives him the sales pitch again, earning himself another stomping. Owens charges into a boot in the corner but Black gets in a distraction, setting up the Cannonball for two.

The double arm crank keeps Rollins in trouble before Owens sends him outside. Rollins tries to escape over the barricade but gets caught and beaten up again. They fight on the apron with Owens getting the better of things but Rollins slips out of a fireman’s carry. Back in and Rollins hits a chop block to put Owens outside again, setting up the suicide dive. We come back from a break with Rollins choking on the ropes and cranking on both arms as well.

Owens elbows his way to freedom and nails a superkick to put them both down. Rollins hits a quick Downward Spiral to send him into the middle buckle, followed by the Blockbuster for two. A superkick gets two more but the Stomp misses. Owens can’t hit the Stunner either so he sends Rollins back to the apron. Rollins goes after the eye to put Owens down, drawing Black and Dominick to the apron as well. Mysterio gets up too and that’s enough to set up the Stunner to finish Rollins at 16:29.

Rating: C+. It wasn’t the cleanest loss but it’s rather strange to see Rollins lose a match like this before going into the biggest Raw match on the pay per view. These two always work well together, but the Rollins messiah deal isn’t working for me and the matches haven’t been as good since he switched over. It’s still pretty good, but they can do better.

Post match, Mysterio promises to take Rollins’ eye.

Big Show comes up to Ric Flair in the back, who talks about knowing Show for twenty years. Flair has always been impressed by him because Show has unparalleled coordination for his size. Now Show is getting into Netflix and he can go into the Hall of Fame healthy. Why risk that to mess with Randy Orton? Show seems to think about it and stops Flair from leaving. He knows what Flair just tried to do and wants to know if Flair is willing to sacrifice his friendships so Orton can be the Legend Killer.

Video on how Orton became the Legend Killer.

Orton talks about having a few people who he has been close to over the years. One of them was Edge, who he sent home to be a father after Edge wouldn’t do it on his own. Christian wanted one more match and got kicked in the head. Then there was Big Show, who was one of the first people to take Orton under his wing. So why would Show want to avenge a few cracked skulls rather than maintain their friendship?

Finally there is Ric Flair, who is family. It would be a shame if Flair did anything to cost them their friendship. Tonight Orton faces R-Truth, who has done a great job of entertaining the people around here. Tonight, he’s the next victim of the Legend Killer. Flair comes in and says it’s time to go to the ring, but Orton says he’ll be right there and stares a bit.

Randy Orton vs. R-Truth

Non-title. Before the match, Flair praises R-Truth for being here for twenty years and knows Orton thanks a lot of him as well. That’s why tonight, it’s the RKO instead of the Punt. Truth goes after Flair to start and suckers Orton in, only to miss the ax kick. The RKO finishes Truth at 33 seconds.

Post match Orton loads up the Punt but here’s Big Show to break it up. Orton tells him to stop on the ramp though because the Punt is going to be for Show. The challenge is issued for next week in an unsanctioned match. Show: “OKAY!” And he chases Orton to the floor.

MVP and Lashley come up to Ricochet and Alexander in the back. Alexander turns down MVP’s offer again so MVP brags about guaranteeing a US Title win on Sunday. The interviewer goes over to Drew McIntyre, who is ready for any stipulation. Ziggler jumps him from behind and the fight is on, with referees and agents breaking it up.

Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley

Cedric and MVP are at ringside. Ricochet goes fast to start but gets dropped face first onto the apron. Back in and Lashley muscles him up for the spinning Dominator for two. Ricochet comes back with a kick to the head and the standing shooting star press for two of his own. A superkick rocks Lashley but he counters a handspring into the full nelson to make Ricochet tap at 3:34.

Rating: C-. I was surprised by the kickout on the Dominator but at least they didn’t do anything too crazy here. I’m still surprised that MVP is getting the title shot on Sunday but there is a really good chance that it’s Lashley challenging for the title at Summerslam anyway. Keeping him warm with wins like this is a good idea and there was no reason to believe Ricochet would pull off the upset here.

Post match Alexander tries to make the save but gets full nelson slammed.

Big Show accepts Orton’s challenge. Thanks for confirming that.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Bayley/Sasha Banks vs. Kabuki Warriors

The Warriors are challenging. Hold on though because the champs have something to say before the match. We see their tribute to themselves from a few weeks back and now it’s time for the Big Match Intros. The Warriors jump the champs before the bell and we take a break, mainly because they weren’t starting the match with 25+ minutes to go in the show. Banks (with her huge headband) bails from Asuka to start so it’s Bayley coming in for the lockup.

They circle around the ring for a bit until Bayley gets in a shot to the face to take over. Asuka gets over for the tag to Sane, who decks Banks with a forearm. The running Blockbuster hits Bayley and a double Interceptor puts both champs down. Things settle to Asuka armbarring Banks but Sasha is back up to catch Sane on top. Sane gets catapulted into the Plexiglas and we take a break.

Back with Sane being thrown into the corner for some right hands to the head. Bayley grabs a chinlock until Sane jawbreaks her way to freedom. Banks gets kicked away and a spinning backfist is enough for the hot tag to Asuka. House is cleaned again but Asuka is sent into the corner for Banks’ running knees.

Banks hits a high crossbody but Asuka rolls through into the Asuka Lock. Sane spears Bayley but Asuka makes the rope. The Insane Elbow connects for two as Bayley makes the save (with Asuka not noticing it despite Bayley being three feet from her). Sane hits the sliding forearm, only to have Banks reverse into the Bank Statement to make Sane tap at 18:12.

Rating: B. This was the best thing on the show, even though that isn’t saying much. They did a smart thing by having Banks get the win as it sets her up as a bigger threat to Asuka, though it was very nice to not have her beat Asuka again. I’m not sure who takes the titles off of Banks/Bayley, but they’re really gelling as a team and it’s nice to see that working so well.

Overall Rating: D+. I was dreading this show coming in and they didn’t disappoint, with one promo after another to set up a bunch of matches that aren’t interesting no matter how they’re pitched. WWE is making no secret of the fact that Extreme Rules is mainly just a filler show that they have to have because the calendar says so and that makes for some very trying television. That was the case here again and while it was better than Smackdown, that isn’t quite the bar to clear. Just get us through Sunday and on to Summerslam already, because they can’t keep doing this kind of show.


Angel Garza/Andrade b. Viking Raiders – Rollup with trunks to Ivar

Ruby Riott/Bianca Belair b. IIconics – KOD to Kay

Aleister Black b. Murphy via DQ when Seth Rollins interfered

Kevin Owens b. Seth Rollins – Stunner

Randy Orton b. R-Truth – RKO

Bobby Lashley b. Ricochet – Full nelson

Bayley/Sasha Banks b. Kabuki Warriors – Bank Statement to Sane


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