Lessons from NJPW


When you look at how NJPW reset the main event scene by unexpectedly giving EVIL the IWGP title and also look at their roster, you realize that there is a real “pecking order” where guys at one level will put over higher guys until they are given a shot at something more themselves.  Do you agree that there is a value in making a guy a clear midcard guy (like Goto for instance with his glass ceiling)? You always have the option of elevating them at some point to push somebody new (like they did with EVIL), but in the meantime they help make other guys.  It makes more sense to me than the WWE situation where nearly everyone on the roster of a certain tenure has been world champion, and guys stagnate while being 50/50 booked.

I'm sure Gedo knows what he's doing, but I still wouldn't have picked EVIL as champion.  IC champion, sure, go nuts.  There's a theory at the moment that this was intended to be Jay White's spot and he ended up plugging EVIL into it instead, which would make sense.